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I Dreamt that I Dwelt in Marble Hills
Grand March
Anvil Chorus
Unknown Dead
Mother of the Soldier Boy
Military Band Polka
Grand March
Ku Klux Waltz
Vacant Chair
Conquered Banner
Our First President's Quickstep
Silvery Shower
Call me not back from the Echoless Shore
Rock Me to Sleep Mother
Freedom's Muster Drum
Drummer Boy
Keep me awake Mother
Brightest Eyes
All Quiet Along the Potomac To-Night
Rebel's Dream
Stonewall Jackson's" Grand March
Dixie's Land
Genl. Braxton Bragg's Grand March
I am Dreaming Still of Thee
Morceau de Salon sur l'air favori: Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still
Zion's battle cry: for use in protracted meetings, Sunday schools, Christian Endeavor Societies, and other religious services
Empire State Grand March
199 Broad Street Polka!
God Save the South! National Hymn
By the Camp-fire's Lonely Watch or I Dream of Thee!
Gen. Morgan's Grand March
By the Camp-fire's Lonely Watch or I Dream of Thee!
Vacant Chair
Riding a Raid
The Brethrens̓ Sunday-school song book: for use in Sunday-schools, prayer and social meetings
Shells of Ocean
The voice of praise: a selection of hymns and tunes, for the Sabbath School, prayer meeting, and family circle
Bonny Eloise, the Belle of Mohawk Vale
Crescent City Guards Quick Step
Oh, Come to Me, Love, in a beautiful Dream
Pray, Maiden, Pray!
Prisoner's Lament
Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still