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Immigrant Incarceration in Context
Are Individuals with Head Injury More Likely to Offend?
Effect of Inmate Occupational Prestige on Institutional Misconduct, Post-Prison Employment, and Recidivism
Where There's Smoke, Is There Always Fire?
Examining Positive Life Outcomes in the Face of Antisocial Traits
Designing Corrections
Role of Gene-Environment Correlations during Early and Middle Childhood
In Search of an Attentive Public and Involvement in the Anti-Trafficking Movement
Main, Mediated, and Moderated Effects of the Big Five Personality Factors on Offending
Residential Mobility and Desistance from Crime and Substance Use during the Transition to Adulthood
Is My Personality Your Problem?
Prison Plus
Effects of Child Maltreatment on the Likelihood of Committing Violence in at-Risk Youth
Maternal Incarceration and Young Adult Arrest
Aging Inmate Crisis
Adding Community to Care, Custody, and Control
Role of Race and Ethnicity in Determining Solitary Confinement Placements in Juvenile Detention Facilities
From Serving One's Country to Serving Time
Modern Day Racism
Punitive State
Reconsidering the Effect of Informal Labeling on Adolescent Delinquency
Exploring the Influence of Life Course Turning Points on Elder Financial Exploitation
Typologies of Violent Offenders and Their Role in Predicting Recidivism
Family Ties and Incarceration
Punishment and Privatization
Stop, Question, and (Cognitive) Dissonance
Delinquent by the Dozen
Longitudinal, Multi-City Examination of Public Social Control and Neighborhood Crime
Gestapo, Critics, and Social Control Selective Enforcement in the Rhineland, 1933-1944
Influence of Security and Support on Performance, Punishment, and Parental Engagement in Majority White and Majority Minority Schools
Racial Threat, Residential Segregation, "Punishment Power," and Public Policy
Race, Ethnicity, Threat, and the Sentencing of Transferred Juveniles in Florida Criminal Courts
Training for Reentry