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Prison Experiences, Social Ties, and Inmate Behavior
Crime Victim's Self-Protection
Inequality of Residential Opportunity
Social Threat and Punitiveness
Do Judges' Experiences and Indelible Traits Influence Sentencing Decisions?
Effects of Spatially Distal Prison Placements on Inmate Misconduct
Concentration of Crime in Cities Across the U.S.
Unpacking the Sources of Racial Disparities in U.S. Imprisonment Rates
School-Level Moderators of Genetic Influences on Antisocial Behaviors
Florida's Evolving Sentencing Policy
Contingencies in the Long-Term Impact of Work on Crime Among Youth
Effects of Actual Punishment Levels on Perceptions of Punishment
Gene-Environment Interactions in the Prediction of Antisocial Phenotypes
Tattooed Inmate and Recidivism
Procedural Justice and Legitimacy of the Police and Courts and Perceptions of Obedience Among Female Inmates
Transcending Beyond the Schoolyard
Gang Member Label and Juvenile Justice Decision-Making
To Plea or Not to Plea
Illegal Immigrant Threat and Popular Support for Social Control Measures
Neighborhood Structural Disadvantage, Gaining Peer Respect, and Adolescent Male Sexual Activity
Unraveling the Age, Prison Misconduct, and Recidivism Relationship
If Reason Is Not Sovereign
Platelet Monoamine Oxidase Activity & Antisocial Behaviors
Integrating Mainstream Criminological Theory into the Biosocial Perspective
Exploring the Simultaneous Influences of Social Threat and Intergroup Contact on Racial Attitudes
Controlling Other People's Children
Public Support of Punitive Social Control Policies
Assessing the Impact of Prison Industries on Post-Release Employment and Recidivism of Florida Inmates
Viability of Nevada's Legal Brothels as Models for Regulation and Harm Reduction in Prostitution
Racial and Ethnic Typification of Crime
Florida's Truth in Sentencing Effectiveness on Recidivism Rates
Something Changed
Role of Selection Effects in the Drugcrime Relationship
Sex Crime and Punishment
Reciprocal Irresponsibility and the Holocaust
Influence of Antisocial Behavior on the Life Course
Alternative Education and Juvenile Delinquency
Prison Adjustment in Female Inmates with Personality Disorders