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Questions penales et penitentiaires
Leon Radzinowicz's degree of Licencie en droit
History of English Criminal Law and its Administration: Vol. 1
1942 Enactment for the Defence of the Norwegian State
Law Journal
Societe des nations
Exhibits consisting of six pages
International Society for Criminology
History of English Criminal Law and Legislation (1750-1939)
Radzinowicz Library
Research and Teaching in Criminal Science
Ministernstwo Sprawiedliwosci Warsawa
Cibseuk de Direction de l'Association Internationale de Droit Penal
Advanced Course in Criminology
Mention must also be made
Cumulative Research on the Prison Population
Polish notes
Provisional Budget (as revised)
Third International Congress on Criminology London
Law Journal
Societe Internationale de Defense Sociale
Howard League for Penal Reform
Committee on the Rights to be accorded to Persons suspected or accused of Crimes
Ministernstwo Sprawiedliwosci Warsawa
Proces-verbal de la reunion du condeil de direction de L'Association Internationale de Droit Penal
Regional Differences and Regional Difficulties with Regard to Public Participation
Observations presentees a la societe des nations
Standard Minimum Prison of 1929
Enforcement of the Rules
League of Nations: The Development of International Co-Operation in Economic and Social Affairs
Public Participation
Social Defence and Planning
Commission II on the Trial of War Criminals
Extrait du document A.62, 1937. IV. de la Societe des Nations.
Registrar of the University in 1960
Questions penales et penitentiaires
Committee to consider the promotion of Research and Teaching in Criminal Science
Report of Committee Concerned with Crimes Against International Public Order
Representatives of the International Association of Penal Law to International Organizations
Note for General Monckton
Juvenile Courts
Preliminary draft of report on research in the prison system
Purging Italian Criminal Justice of Fascism
Penal Practice in a Changing Society
Procedure followed in preparation of working papers for the Congress
Answers to Questionnaire of 28 April, 1942
Actes du Congres Penal et Penitentiare International de Prague
Association Internationale de Droit Penale