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Justice of the Peace and Local Government Review
Criminal Science
Criminal Science
Comparative Studies in Cambridge
Odbudowa Sprawiedliwosci Karnej W Wolnej Europie
Committee Upon Rules and Precedure Relating to Punishment of Crimes Committed in the Course of and Incidental to the Present War
European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
Letter to Dr.Leon Radzinowicz
Report of the Faculty Board of Law on the constitution of a Department of Criminal Science
Letter to Dr.Leon Radzinowicz
Letter to Leon Radzinowicz from Whitehall, London
Some Issues for discussion at Regional Meetings
Letter to Lord Butler of Saffron Walden KG CH
Restoration of Criminal Justice. Law Conference at Cambridge.
Standard Rules
Tiré-À-Part du Recueil de documents en matière pénale et pénitentiaire
Letter to Dr. H.M. Taylor
The Scottish Law Review Note With Attached Book Excerpt
Letter dated 22 May 1958 from the Chairman of the Faculty of Law on a proposal to establish an Institute of Criminology
Public Participation
Committee to Consider the Promotion of Research and Teaching in Criminal Science
Writing on a Piece of Paper
Social Defence and Development
Legislation on Standards for Treatment of Prisoners
Record Discussing the Meeting of the Committee of Management
Cambridge University Reporter
Letter to Leon Radzinowicz from Hon. J Chuter Ede
Letter to Sir Leon Radzinowicz from Sir Charles Cunningham
Letter from Cecil A. Wright to J.W.C. Turner
The Standard Minimum Prison of the 1970s
Participation of the Public in the Prevention and Control of Crime and Delinquency
Note from the Department of Criminal Science and a Corresponding List of People to Send the Note to
Treatment of Offenders Article
The Solicitors' Journal
Letter from Dr. H.R. Hahlo
Letter to Dr.Leon Radzinowicz
Letter to Turner from McRuer, Mason, Cameron & Brewing Barristers and Solicitors
Advisory Council on the Treatment of Offenders
Penal Reform in England
Promotion of Inter-Allied Commission on Penal Reconstruction Conference in Cambridge
Conference 1969
Visit of Sir Leon Radzinowicz to Section of Social Defence
Cambridge University Reporter
Letter to J.W.C. Turner from Daniel Macmillan
The Repression of Crime. Studies in Historical Penology.
Letter to J.W.C. Turner from J.C. McRuer
Notes on Agenda
International Commission for Penal Reconstruction and Development : Draft Statement of Main Principles