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Global Observations Of Horizontal Mixing From Argo Float And Surface Drifter Trajectories
Relationship Of Near-surface Flow, Stokes Drift And The Wind Stress
Metrics For The Evaluation Of The Southern Ocean In Coupled Climate Models And Earth System Models
Semidiurnal Internal Tide Incoherence In The Equatorial Pacific
Frequency Content Of Sea Surface Height Variability From Internal Gravity Waves To Mesoscale Eddies
Comparison Of The Ocean Surface Vector Winds From Atmospheric Reanalysis And Scatterometer-based Wind Products Over The Nordic Seas And The Northern North Atlantic And Their Application For Ocean Modeling
Semidiurnal Internal Tide Energy Fluxes And Their Variability In A Global Ocean Model And Moored Observations
Atmospheric forcing during active convection in the Labrador Sea and its impact on mixed-layer depth
Horizontal mixing in the Southern Ocean from Argo float trajectories
Effects of rotation on turbulent buoyant plumes in stratified environments
Dissipation processes in the Tongue of the Ocean
A framework to quantify uncertainty in simulations of oil transport in the ocean
The Antarctic Slope Current near 30 degrees E
Greenland freshwater pathways in the sub-Arctic Seas from model experiments with passive tracers