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Detrital Zircon Dating of the Kodiak Accretionary Complex; South Alaska
Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Variations of Surface Albedo over Africa
Understanding Microphysics of Snowflakes and Snow Precipitation Process Using Spaceborne Microwave Measurements
Impact of Airborne Dust on Sea Surface Temperature Retrievals
Marine-Influenced Siliciclastic Unit (Citronelle Formation) in Western Panhandle Florida
Footprint of the Dynamical Amplifier of Global Warming and Attribution of Models' Uncertainties
Lithium Isotope Evolution of Cenozoic Seawater
Modeling Groundwater Flow in Karst Aquifers
Ensemble-Mean Dynamics of Low-Frequency Variability and Cloud Temperature Profile Retrieval Using GPS RO Data
Development of the Coamps Adjoint Mesoscale Modeling System for Assimilating Microwave          Radiances within Hurricanes.
Barrier Layer Development Local to Tropical Cyclones
Stereoscopic Technique to Estimate Cloudtop Height Using Combined Geostationary and Low Earth Orbiting Satellites
Using Radon Isotopes for Studying Hydrological Processes in Marine and Aquatic Systems
Balanced and Unbalanced Flow in Primitive Equation Model Simulations of Baroclinic Wave Life Cycles
Development and Evolution of Convective Bursts in WRF Simulations of Hurricanes Dean (2007) and Bill (2009)
Expanding the Utility of GOES-R with Improved Assimilation of Lightning and Infrared Satellite Observations
Low-Frequency Minimum Temperature Variability Throughout the Southeastern United States during the 1970s
Network Analysis of Hurricanes Affecting the United States
Warm Seclusion Extratropical Cyclones
Effect of Dissolution of the Florida Carbonate Platform on Isostatic Uplift and          Relative Sea-Level Change
Case-Base Devaluation of a Physical Initialization Technique for Assimilating Precipitation in NWP
African Easterly Jet
Modeling Snow Aggregates and Their Single Scattering Properties
Validation of the FSU/COAPS Climate Model
Data Assimilation Application to the Subsurface Flow and Solute Transport
Identifying Convective Transport of Carbon Monoxide Through the Intercomparison of Remote Sensing Observations and Cloud Modeling Simulations
WRF Nested Large-Eddy Simulations of Deep Convection during SEAC4RS
Characterizing the Onset and Demise of the Indian Summer Monsoon
Quality Control Procedure for Assimilating Airs Radiance Data into a Mesoscale Model
Tracing the Flow of Phosphorus, Carbon and Nitrogen in Aquatic Ecosystems
Impacts of Sugar Cane Agricultural Fires on Air Quality in Southern Florida
Assessing Storm Severity Using Lightning and Radar Information
Interannual Variability of Tropical Cyclone Potential Intensity and Lifetime Maximum Intensity
Tracking and Analysis of Mesoscale Convective Systems over Central Equatorial Africa
Applications of Calcareous Nannofossils and Stable Isotopes to Cenozoic Paleoceanography
Analysis and Prediction of Integrated Kinetic Energy in Atlantic Tropical Cyclones
Modified JMA ENSO Index and Its Improvements to ENSO Classification
Warm Season Mesoscale Superensemble Precipitation Forecasts
Mesoscale Data Assimilation for Improving Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts
4D-Var Assimilation of Toms Ozone Measurements for the Prediction of Mid-Latitude Winter Storms
Development of a New Storm Surge Index for Global Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Generated Storm Surge
Development and Evaluation of Mesoscale Lightning Threat Guidance for Operational Use at NWS Offices
Quantification of Prokaryotic Gene Expression in Shallow Marine Subsurface Sediments of Aarhus Bay, Denmark
Broadband Solar Irradiances Measured on Fixed and Stabilized Platforms
Tropical Cyclogenesis from Self-Aggregated Convection in Numerical Simulations of Rotating Radiative-Convective Equilibrium
Surface and Atmospheric Boundary Layer Responses to Diurnal Variations of Sea Surface Temperature in an NWP Model
Teleconnection between Subtropical Convection and Higher Latitude Wave Activity in the Atlantic
Turbulent Dissipation in the Mid-Latitude Mixed Layer/Thermocline Transition Layer
Superensemble Forecasts of Hurricane Track and Intensity Using a Suite of Mesoscale Models
Psi-Chi Interactions in Hurricane Model Forecasts with Rapidly Changing          Intensity