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Judge Pierre Crabitès
Savior from Civilization
Star-Spangled Consciousness
Italian Occupations of Ethiopia and Cephalonia
Le Nain Brothers' Peasant Family in an Interior
Slavery and Its Aftermath
Pork Politics
Cut from Different Cloth
Veterans at War
Mainline Protestantism, Scholarship, and the Twentieth Century Church Library Movement in the United States
Perspectives on Infantry
Unfolding Rome
British Concentration Camps of the Second South African War (The Transvaal, 1900-1902)
Moral Presentation of Self
Florida Crackers and Yankee Tourists
Witness to Glory
Christ and Exegesis
Failing to Prepare or Preparing to Fail?
Slavery and Antislavery in the Founding of Georgia and New South Wales
Protective Magic in Ancient Greece
History of Eglin Field and Okaloosa County during World War Two
Politics of Protestantism and the French Revolution
Studies in Sefer Yosippon
My Story Counts
Life inside the Earth
Environmental Religion and the American Transcendentalist Legacy
"And They'll March with Their Brothers to Freedom"
study of the historical development of Douglas Gardens, the Jewish Home for the Aged of Greater Miami, Florida
Agrarian Policy of the Social Revolutionary Party and Its Impact on the Development of the Russian Peasantry into a          Politicized Social Class, 1870-1907
James Fenimore Cooper's Frontier
British Foreign Policy and the Arab Rebellion in Palestine
Designing Victory on the Civil War’s Sea
Flawed, but Essential
Parameters of Power
Dereliction of Diplomacy
Royal Navy in the Baltic from 1807-1812
study of the Bollingen Prize in Poetry
Law and Order, Accountability and Control
Now I Am in Distant Germany, It Could Be That I Will Die
Right to Personal Integrityin International and Domestic Law
Contributions of Student Affairs Professional Organizations to Collegiate Student Leadership Programs in the Late Twentieth Century
Lazima Tushinde Bila Shaka
Moral Theology and the Care of Souls
Monks and Monarchs
David Cox (1783-1859) Reconsidered
Preserving the Past
Romanian Media in Transition
Per Sanctum Vultum De Luca! Il Volto Santo and Its Relic Cult during the Late Eleventh Through Thirteenth Centuries
Blaze of Reputation and the Echo of a Name"
Why We Fight