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Tears of a Clown
Online Composition Classes Call for a Pedagogical Paradigm Shift
Coding the Subaltern
World War I Narratives and the American Peace Movement, 1920-1936
Return of Paul Duncan
Count Four
Monkey Chasing Blues
Reconfiguring the American Family
Nature of the Search"
From Modernism to Transnationality
Rhetorical Composing
In This Skin
Between Experimentation and Tradition
Like a Tree on Its Side
Samuel Beckett and the End(s) of Man
Posthuman Turn in 21st Century American Poetry
"To Set Himself in Glory Above His Peers"
Epidemic of the Mind
Revved Up like a Deuce
Victorian Rebellion in Drag
Eight of Swords
Dislocation of Man in the Modern Age
Selections from Inventions in the Key of C
In the Crumbling Blacksmith Shop of My Father's Ear
Female and Feminine, but Not Feminist
Fashioning and Refashioning Marie Laveau in American Memory and Imagination
Talk of Peace with Swords Drawn
Historicizing Multimodality
One Plus One Equals Three
Re-Educating the Pastoral
Whirlwind into Heaven
Malihini and Wild Horses
Hurt Business
Land of the Free
Sequent Introduction
Writing from the Inside Out
In the Garden of Happiness and Thieves
Dear Exorcist
Floridiana Alba
American Thunder
Anchor and Knife
Crumbling Masculinities
Children for Ransom
Burkean Analysis on the Relationship of the Image to Player Motivation in First-Person Shooter Games
Beasts in the Dark
Indexing of Medieval Women