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study of the satire of Swift
use of the subjunctive in Juvenal (Thirteen Satires)
Pindar's ethical teaching
Dramatic art of Benito Pérez Galdós
Molière and Shakspere
Horace, the satirist
Francis Jammes as revealed in his work
Randall Jarrell, a young American poet
James Daugherty
analysis of my work
description and evaluation of paintings, September 1957-May 1959
literary career of Eudora Welty and an analytical study of the appraisals of her works of fiction
Thomas Hal Phillips
Alfred Leland Crabb
Pulitzer Prize plays, 1918-1950
discussion of my paintings and related problems, September 1958-May 1960
discussion of my paintings and related problems
discussion of the paintings in my one man show
evaluation of my painting development