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Fostering mental health for nine-year-olds
workshop as a means of in-service growth for teachers of Walton County
hidden cost of tuition in the secondary schools of Gadsden County, Florida
Case study of the Aquatic Preserve Program: testing a methodology for public program evaluations of natural resource and environmental management agencies
Distance spaces
Katherine Anne Porter
Galls and gall insects
comparative study of music libraries and music departments of general libraries in the United States
Citizenship in adult education by character portrayal
southern cultivator, 1843-1861
Toward democratic living in the classroom
Historia de las biografias de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Arithmetic in grades one and two
Human relations and principal-staff relationships
forgotten radicals
Supervisory opinions of the effectiveness of means used for communicating through city-wide children's art exhibitions educational values of art education to public and parents
A staff analysis of the Headquarters, 1st Aeromedical Transport Group, Light.
Supervision of the school health program
Present practices and trends in vocational guidance in junior and senior high schools
experimental study of some aspects of the nature of pattern perception and reproduction
consideration of the English writings of Salvador de Madariaga
study of reading and library use among Nobel laureates
survey of the follow-up program of school-leavers used by the various Florida secondary schools
social cosmos of black churches in Tallahassee, Florida, 1865-1885
Relationships between cooperative mathematics test scores and grades earned in the Florida State University
Factors influencing prospective female volleyball student-athletes' selection of an NCAA Division I university
Floyd Phillips Gibbons
study of certain factors associated with rehospitalization of schizophrenic patients at Gulfport Veterans Administration Hospital
framework for evaluating needs assessment models
Munro Leaf
Use of restriction enzymes to determine the distribution pattern of 5-methyl cytosine in eucaryotic DNA
James Albert Michener
Development of a high school agricultural program with special reference to health problems
Background characteristics of enrollees in clothing construction classes in the Pinellas County, Florida adult home economics program
investigation of first-year shorthand failures in the Pepperell High School of Lindale, Georgia, 1951-52 -- 1958-59
Broad line NMR study of molecular-weight fractions of bulk crystallized polyethylene
school which seeks to meet pupil and community needs
Randall Jarrell, a young American poet
homebound child
Survey of Florida newspaper libraries
investigation of reading in six selected classes in Princeton School for the year 1954-55
Methods of improving instruction in reading in the intermediate grades
University presses in Florida
Daphne du Maurier
Mississippi regional library system
Lista e índices de los documentos cervantinos