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Galls and gall insects
Historia de las biografias de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
forgotten radicals
Present practices and trends in vocational guidance in junior and senior high schools
experimental study of some aspects of the nature of pattern perception and reproduction
Lista e índices de los documentos cervantinos
Why they don't practice what we teach
Psychology of the number consciousness
New Japan
comparison of two types of eighth grade mathematical training
National Sacred Harp Foundation Archives
Some of the differences between Florida slash and longleaf pine gums
utilization of direct and derived products of the pine in the production on tung oil varnish
Late Quaternary history of southern Cumberland Island, Georgia
study of the satire of Swift
study of the dietary practices of some pellagrous and non-pellagrous households in Leon County, Florida
study of the dietary and health habits of the school children of fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades in Leon County
study of the older romance meters with a possible solution of the "Cid"
Manipulation of stimulus encoding in the study of retroactive inhibition in paired-associate learning
Florida phosphate industry and air pollution
Dramatic art of Benito Pérez Galdós
changes produced in milk by carbon dioxide gas
Tomatoes and their iron content
Size and base composition of repeated adenine-thymine rich sequences in Chinese hamster ovary cell DNA
Chlorine in the surface waters of West Florida
National Sacred Harp Foundation Archives
investigation of the pulp and paper making qualities of chinaberry, Melia Azedarach L., by the sulphite process
Railroad projects in territorial Florida
Brightness discrimination of the dark adapted eye and its bearing on color theory
preliminary study of the legal status of the Negro in Florida
Iron in Florida soils
English cycle of love sonnets
social psychology of leadership
case study of a Mongolian child
critical study of Le jeu de Saint Nicolas of Jean Bodel
influence of Sir Walter Scott on Washington Irving
amount of iron in vegetables, especially in turnips
Francis Jammes as revealed in his work
History of education in Florida
personal relations existing between Wordsworth and Coleridge
Molière and Shakspere
Sedimentologic history of the lower St. Johns River estuary, northeast Florida
Marcus Antonius triumvir, 82-42 B.C., according to the sources
Horace, the satirist
History and its cultural value
effect of size, color, and shape on weight discrimination
Chemical composition and vitamin B content of the Trapp and West Indian seeding avocados, varieties of the West Indian race
World music curricula in Florida general music classrooms