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An analysis of the recreation patterns of exceptional children in the Tallahassee area
The distribution of selected characteristics among 119 cases known to the Child Guidance Clinic of Pinellas County, Florida.
Selected Florida educators reactions to multi-level reading laboratory materials.
An investigation of reading in six selected classes in Princeton School for the year 1954-55.
Teaching adult illiterates to read in eastern Kentucky by Cora Stewart, in China by James Yen, in Africa by Frank Laubach.
Effect of a reading improvement program on success of certain students in the Naval Pre-Flight School and Aviation Training.
A study of sixth grade reading difficulties at Hendricks avenue school, Jacksonville, Florida, 1949-1950.
A study of certain factors associated with rehospitalization of schizophrenic patients at Gulfport Veterans Administration Hospital.
An experimental study on the value of training an employee in a food service department.
Forty Florida Negro couples who adopted children during the years 1957-1959.
A blind student's use of problem solving processes for positive professional learning experiences.
A population study of the Dade County Child Guidance Clinic for the years 1948-1958, Miami, Florida.
A study of the Minnesota guardianship law and practice as compared against standards of child care and protection.
A study of sixty-five migratory camp children
Social characteristics and nutritional intake of fifty-three aged persons
Local legislation for Florida municipalities.
A study of trends in expenditures by the State Government in Florida for the years 1845 through 1952.
Learning experienced by a second year graduate student of social work education, Tallahassee, Florida, 1956- 1957.
Guidance in the high school library