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Chromatin-Based Organization of the Human Genome from Single Promoters to Nucleoskeletal Dynamics
Copper(II)-Promoted Alkyne Coupling Reactions and the Ruthenium-Catalyzed Cycloaddition of Cyanoalkynes
Characterization and Prediction of Suicide Plans
Electrifying the Clarinet
Recording the Classical Guitar
La Structure Sans Maître
Stable Isotope Analysis of the Archaic Windover Population's Diet (8BR246)
Application of Deep Learning in Text Mining and Computational Structural Biology
Heavy Metal Removal, Complexation, and Facilitated Transport
Plum Queen
Conformal Tilings and Expansion Complexes
Biophysical Properties of Olfactory Bulb Dopamine Neurons
Regulation at the Nuclear Envelope
Solitude and the Sand
Molecular Photon Upconversion in Self-Assembled Multilayers on Metal Oxide Surface
Modeling Nanoscale Ion Diffusion in Block Copolyelectrolytes and Ligand Passivation-Enhanced Surface Stability of Hybrid Perovskites
Expanding Stem Pathways
Marchant Site (8LE822)
Family Ties and Incarceration
Examining Nomadic Foragers
Understanding Equity in the Design of Pre-Service Science Teacher Lesson Plans
Telling the Bees
Something like Scales and Other Essays
Typologies of Violent Offenders and Their Role in Predicting Recidivism
Mate Preference in Poeciliid Fish and the Quantification of Complex Color Patterns
Kurdish Networks of Negotiation in the Twentieth Century
From Alexandria to Rome
From Hainteny to Negritude
Photochemical Access to Fused 5-8-5 Carbotricycles
Application of Computer Vision Techniques to Roundabouts' Gap Acceptance Parameters Determination
Field-Assisted Direct Writing for Multifunctional Nanocomposites
Characterizing Non-Typical Epithelial Behavior
Solid-State ¹H NMR Studies of Hydrogen Transfer in Catalysis and Energy Storage
Separation and Trajectory Characteristics of a Generic Store at Supersonic Speeds
Wedding of Jackals
Adult Bilinguals' Orthographic Representations
Galen's Protrepticus in Context
Sexuality, States, and Settlers
Lonely Whistle, Dying Light
Originally Nothing
Planning for and Rebuilding Green Infrastructure
Valuing Negative Book Equity
Investigation of Molecule-Based Magnetic Materials via EPR Spectroscopy
But Are They Even Tempted?
Trolling for Likes
Spatiotemporal Ecology of the Bonnethead, Sphyrna tiburo
Intuitions, Heuristics, and Intentional Action
Modeling a Probability Distribution of Elastic Curves with Applications to Nanoparticle Shape Analysis