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Understanding Equity in the Design of Pre-Service Science Teacher Lesson Plans
Adult Bilinguals' Orthographic Representations
Planning for and Rebuilding Green Infrastructure
Toward a New Neo-Slave Narrative
Embodied Experience of Becoming a Mother
Space to Be
Examination of One Physics Teacher's Dilemmas around Developing and Implementing Culturally Relevant Pedagogies in the Classroom
Influential Factors on Young Adult Cyber Dating Abuse
Landscape Orientation
Primary Sources and Professional Growth
Helicopter Parents in the Lives of College Students
Making a Way out of No Way
Same Standards, Different Classes
Is State Safety Net Capacity Adequate to Meet Basic Needs?
Dyadic Level Coping and the Effects on Diabetes Management and Control in Couples with One Partner Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes
Weathering the Storm
How Adolescent African American Females Make Sense of Stem Learning
Racial Identity and Mindfulness as Predictors of Post-Traumatic Growth in Black Adults Experiencing Race-Based Trauma
Impact of Vehicle Modal Activity and Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory (GLOSA) on Exhaust Emissions through the Integration of VISSIM and Moves
Parental Involvement, Students' Self-Esteem, and Academic Achievement in Immigrant Families in the United States
Come, Ask My Heart
Effects of a Mathematics Vocabulary Tutoring Intervention
Development, Validation, and Use of an Assessment of Learning Outcomes in Introductory Linear Algebra Classes
Understanding Volunteer Motivation and Retention in an Art Museum
Elementary and Special Education Pre-Service Teachers' Self-Efficacy Beliefs about Teaching Mathematics and Science to Students with Autism
Connecting Disciplinary and Pedagogical Spaces in Statistics
Investigation into College Mathematics in a Florida State College Pre-and Post-Optional Developmental Education Legislation
Pedagogical Study of the Saxophone through the Lens of Acoustic Niche Hypothesis
Complexities of Integrating Science and Engineering in Elementary School Science
What Is Gained from Participation in a Research Experience for Teachers Program?
Dancing with a Ghost
Recognizing the 'Learned Lady' in the English Upper Class, 1750-1860
Spectacle Lynching and the NAACP's Push for Anti-Lynch Legislation
Facilitating the Interactive Mural Experience as an Act of Creative Placemaking
Needles and Scraps
Political Economy of Media Labor
Melodramatic Melanin
Potential Influence of a Learner's Regulatory Orientations on the Linguistic Dimensions of Second Language Writing Task          Performance
Collegiate Symbols and Mascots of the American Landscape
Visualization of Invisible Disabilities an Arts Based Exploration of Disability Identity Development
Financial Management for Nonprofit Arts and Cultural Organizations
Europa and the Bull
Jazz, Desire, Racial Difference, and Twentieth Century Gender Ideology in Arron Copland's Grohg
Establishing Disestablishment
Saccharine Terrorism
Dislocation of Man in the Modern Age
Doing a Real Job
Gender Identity and Engagement in Health Behaviors
Musical Consciousness