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Conditional bootstrap methods for censored data
A new family of survival functions derived from a general cumulative damage threshold crossing model for evolving structural systems of improving components with biomedical and accelerated life testing applications
Estimation of the number of classes of objects through presence/absence data
On knotting of randomly embedded polygons in R(3)
Analysis of cross-classified data using negative binomial models
Nonparametric methods for imperfect repair models
Multilevel models for longitudinal research
Contributions to the theory of arrangement increasing functions
A comparison of two methods of bootstrapping in a reliability model
A hypothesis test of cumulative sums of multinomial parameters
Testing for a time-dependent covariate effect in the linear risk model
Estimation under censoring with missing failure indicators
Likelihood ratio based confidence bands in survival analysis
On a general repair model for repairable systems
On nonparametric regression for current status data
Modelling experimental data analysis
Bayesian nonparametric estimation via Gibbs sampling for coherent systems with redundancy
Regression models for spatial binary data with application to the distribution of plant species
Identifying influential effects in factorial experiments with sixteen runs: Empirical Bayes approaches
The computation of probabilities which involve spacings, with applications to the scan statistic
Application of Deep Learning in Text Mining and Computational Structural Biology
Modeling a Probability Distribution of Elastic Curves with Applications to Nanoparticle Shape Analysis
Multi-Rubric Models for Ordinal Spatial Data
Analysis of Clustered, Interval-Censored Survival Data
Inference from Longitudinal Imaging Data Using SPDM Trajectories
Causality Theory & Advanced Machine Learning in Power System Applications
Geometric Tools for Statistical Analysis on Graphical Shapes
Perceived Colors Analysis and Nonparametric Regression and Anti-Regression for Data on Manifolds with Applications to 3D Projective Shape Analysis
Model-Based Depth with Applications to Functional Data
Bayesian Methodologies for Big Spatial Data That Avoids Covariance Matrix Inversion
Inferential and Computational Methods for Object Data, and an Application to Medical Imaging
KLEMS translog cost estimates and energy elasticities
The importance of skewness and kurtosis in the time-series of security returns
Generating Poisson and binomial random variates
Multilevel logistic regression: An illustration examining high school drop-outs
Transformations of certain Gaussian random fields, with applications in survival analysis
A preliminary test for structure
Effects of inspection error on optimal inspection policies and software fault detection models
Generalized Pearson-Fisher chi-square goodness of fit tests, with applications to models with life history data
A comparison of robust and least squares regression models using actual and simulated data
Identifiability in the autopsy model of reliability theory
Knowledge acquisition and pattern recognition with random sets
Optimal search in an ordered array
Estimation and testing for some nonlinear time series biological population models
Cumulative regression function methods in survival analysis and time series
Limit theorems for Markov random fields
Finite horizon singular control and a related two-person game
Inference for a nonlinear semimartingale regression model
Ridge regression: Application to educational data