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The relationship between personal authority, job involvement, intimacy, and marital adjustment of law enforcement officers
Treatment of the institutionalized dementia relative and the family member relationship: A group comparison approach
Pet ownership and family functioning in clinical settings of marriage and family therapy
Mother-daughter separation process during two stages of the family life cycle as impacted by family of origin, daughter's attitude toward mother and self-esteem
The relationship of marital satisfaction and job satisfaction to psychological adjustment in women
Coping with maternal stress in intact and single-parent families with hearing-impaired preschool children
The influence of gender, family cohesion and family adaptability on the domains of adolescent identity
The elderly consumer: Social integration, perceived adequacy of resources, and complaint behavior
A retrospective examination of differentiation, parentification, and Jewish identity: A comparison of Jewish intermarried and homogamously married couples
Family structure and adolescent family roles: A comparison of suicidal and nonsuicidal adolescents
Forced-marital sex in a clinical sample of married or formerly married women
Litigation and the Florida law presuming shared parental responsibility
Strengthening the union: Evaluation of the Premarital Assessment Program
Burnout and marital adjustment in urban and rural clergy families
Family, work, and women's health
The assessment of parental triangulation of children
Depression and marital satisfaction, among married women ages 25 to 44, as a function of intimacy, control, and interpersonal dependency
Child involvement activities of parents and classroom behavior and achievement of their children
The enhancement of marital intimacy through structured nonverbal exercises
The relationship between differentiation of self and perception of health in the family of origin and fusion and intimacy in the family of procreation
Information and household fertility behavior
Family stress, coping, and resources as perceived by adolescents in nuclear, single parent, and remarried families
Interpersonal boundary regulation: A study of adult children of alcoholics
Family of origin and adolescent family-separation variables among female adult incest survivors
Investigation of the relationship between selected child death variables and bereaved parents' marital satisfaction and self-esteem
The impact of alcoholism in the family of origin on the identity, social intimacy, and coping mechanisms of college youth
The relationship of psychological separation to selected family and personality variables
An evaluation of the use of the bug-in-the-ear device in the live supervision and training of marriage and family therapy students
An analysis of family of origin roles among family therapy supervisors, family therapists, and family therapy trainees
Northeastern Ontario Frenchspeaking stepfather families and Wisconsin stepfather families: A comparative approach
Family of origin experiences, chronic anxiety, marital intimacy and offspring's perceptions of family health
Family stress and adjustment experienced by Chinese and Korean graduate students and their spouses in an American university
Jurisdictional claims of marital and familial expertise in the system of mental health professions: The historical development of marriage and family therapy
Marital satisfaction among Korean immigrant spouses in the United States
The impact of the physical traumatization and critical care hospitalization of children, on the functioning of the injured child's family system: A Delphi study
Ethnicity, household structure, and infant mortality
The costume collection at the Goodwood Plantation, Tallahassee, Florida: One hundred and fifty years of the most intimate possessions of Margaret Wilson Hodges Hood and her family, 1823-1975
An examination of family systems medicine and the practice of medical family therapy in the context of a bidirectional model
The relationship of rape supportive beliefs and beliefs in traditional sex roles to sexual aggression and victimization in college students
Family and school values as they relate to the expectations of Hispanic females to graduate from high school: A comparative study
An investigation into the effects of how children are informed of their parents' divorce process decisions
Cohesion and adaptability: The question of curvilinearity and a new measure of healthy family functioning
The relationship of parental attachment and social support to psychological adjustment in resilient Adult Children of Alcoholics: A structural model
Attachment in adolescents and their families: A qualitative analysis of attachment in the early months of adolescent addiction treatment
An examination of the effectiveness of stress management training with elementary school-age children living with their families in homeless shelters
The relationship of college support services to the success of students with learning disabilities attending a historically black university
Women and alcoholism: The impact of family of origin issues during recovery and relapse
Coping with stress and quality of life for persons with AIDS and their families
An examination of ethnographic research methodology in family therapy in the context of Rogers' Innovation-Decision Process Model
A twelve-step model for the treatment of traumatized families