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Masseter EMG activity: Normative data and biofeedback training comparisons
Effects of problem-solving and relaxation treatments for insomnia on sleep-onset latency and cognitive arousal prior to sleep
Outcome evaluation of a relapse prevention and a drug education program with federal inmates
Referral bias in teachers' nomination of Black and White elementary school children for gifted evaluations
A cognitive assessment of men who sexually offend against children
Family and professional perceptions of the appropriateness of family involvement in the head injury rehabilitation process
A comparison of in vivo exposure and cognitive restructuring in the treatment of a specific kind of social phobia: Psychogenic urinary retention among federally incarcerated prison inmates
Individual differences in the use of alcohol consumption as a coping strategy
Psychological effects of living with a depressed person
Coronary-prone behavior versus hostility type in cardiovascular reactivity
The effects of alcohol intoxication and arousal on eyewitness identification and recall
Incarcerated adolescent child molesters, violent offenders, and nonviolent offenders: An analysis of abuse history, personality variables, and cognitive/neurological variables
Elements of clinical decision-making
Development and validation of a behavioral observation system for assessing the teaching skills of parents of developmentally disabled children
A developmental study of children's knowledge of AIDS and the relationship between knowledge and the acceptance or rejection of a hypothetical peer with AIDS
Formulating a prediction model for regaining competency to stand trial
Response to stimulant medication among children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Objective assessment of personality characteristics related to cerebral lesions and cognitive deficits in persons with unilateral brain damage
Suicide intervention training: Role-playing versus lecture methods for college students
Abused youths' attitudes toward physical punishment: A test of the intergenerational transmission of physical child abuse
Cognitive appraisal, stress, coping, and encounter outcomes of law enforcement officers
The effect of visual discrimination on hemispheric asymmetry in Type A behavior
The influence of teacher feedback on children's peer preferences and perceptions
A comparison of compliance to group meditation, individual meditation and didactic group training in a program to help lower blood pressure in black adults
The role of social reinforcement in depression: A longitudinal analysis
The effect of self-efficacy on the affective, cognitive, and behavioral processes of coping with pain
A longitudinal analysis of depression-related deficiencies in social behaviors
The effect of therapist affective self-disclosure patterns on client perception of therapist competence, trustworthiness and attractiveness across sessions
Perceptions of male and female rape: Behavioral and attitudinal measurement in a laboratory setting
Peer interactions and sociometric status of physically abused preschool children
The relationship between anxiety and the accuracy of retrospective pain reports
Stress inoculation training and fear of flying in airplanes: A treatment study
An examination of the relation between parental and offspring alcohol consumption
Effects of distraction on post-chemotherapy nausea in cancer patients
Northeastern Ontario Frenchspeaking stepfather families and Wisconsin stepfather families: A comparative approach
Psychosocial factors of perceived supportive responses and chronic pain
Examining the predictive relationship between self-concept of ability and depressive symptomatology
Challenge preference in young children: Relationship to other motivational variables and maternal behaviors
Jurisdictional claims of marital and familial expertise in the system of mental health professions: The historical development of marriage and family therapy
The neurobehavioral cognitive status examination with alcohol dependent inpatients
Predictors of post-combat violent behavior in Vietnam veterans
The role of individual difference variables in accounting for associations between alcohol consumption and sexual risk-taking
Secondary traumatic stress in therapists who are exposed to client traumatic material
Cognitive therapy with depressed, female outpatients in individual, couple, and group treatment modalities: An evaluation
The relationship of rape supportive beliefs and beliefs in traditional sex roles to sexual aggression and victimization in college students
Perceptions of sexual harassment: The influence of physical attractiveness and status
The directionality of the relationship between social support perceptions and the induced depressed mood: A case for person-situation interaction
Analysis and meta-analysis of fuzzy relational structures by means of generalized morphism and their computer-aided tool support
Cohesion and adaptability: The question of curvilinearity and a new measure of healthy family functioning
Interpersonal components of depression: Self-presentational factors in depressive symptomatology