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Investigation of Molecule-Based Magnetic Materials via EPR Spectroscopy
Constraining the Evolution of Massive Stars
Pairing and Pair Breaking in Bilayer Composite Fermion Metals
Examination of One Physics Teacher's Dilemmas around Developing and Implementing Culturally Relevant Pedagogies in the Classroom
Equation of State of Neutron Rich Matter
 Developing Multi-Frequency EPR Methods for Studying Protein-Lipid Interactions on the HIV Membrane
Weak Nuclear Form Factor
Beyond the Standard Model of Particles
Backbending, Seniority and Pauli Blocking of Pairing Correlations at High Rotational Frequencies in Rapidly Rotating Nuclei
Photoresponse and Charge Transport in Halide Perovskites
Ultrafast Dynamics in Warm Dense Matter Materials and Halide Perovskite
Quench Protection of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+X High Temperature Superconducting Magnets
Topological Quantum Phase Transitions and Quench Dynamics
Tuning Intertwined Energy Scales in f-Electron Systems by Chemical Substitution
Magnetic Ordering and Magnetotransport at Molecular and Nano Scales
Exploring the Nuclear Structure of the A = 39 Isobars
Scale Setting and Topological Observables in Pure SU(2) LGT
Baroclinic Geostrophic Turbulence and Jets in the Laboratory
Direct Observation of Structural Defects in Pyrochlore Yb₂Ti₂O₇ by Atomic Resolution Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
Experimental Investigations of Mass-7 Destruction in Deuteron Induced Reactions with Respect to Standard Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
EPR Study of Molecular Qubits Based on Lanthanide Nanomagnets
Search for N* Resonances
Tuning the Photoluminescence of Halide Perovskites
Sensitive Spin Detection Using an on-Chip Squid-Waveguide Resonator
Mott Transition in Strongly Correlated Materials
Structural Stability and Emergent Phases in Oxygen Deficient Complex Transition Metal Oxides
Surface Modification for Improved Design and Functionality of Nanostructured Materials and Devices
ΛC Semileptonic Decays in a Quark Model
Automated One-Loop QCD and Electroweak Calculations with NLOX
Impact of Microstructure on an Accurate Snow Scattering Parameterization at Microwave Wavelengths
Computational Studies of Magnetically Doped Semiconductor Nanoclusters
Search for Heavy Stable Charged Particles √s = 13 TeV Utilizing a Multivariate Approach
Experimental and Computational Studies on DNA Electrophoresis in Lyotropic Polymer Liquid Crystals
Development and Characterization of a Novel Continuously Flowing Liquid Film Plasma Reactor for Chemical                 Synthesis
Water and Air Flows in Karstic Caves and Conduits
Quantum Oscillations in Two Dimensional Dirac and Weyl Semimetals
Computational Studies of Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Phase Diagrams and Critical Properties of Two Physical and Chemical                 Model Systems with Both Short-Range and Long-Range Interactions or Reactivities
Modeling and Simulating Vortex Pinning and Transport Currents for High Temperature Superconductors
Measurement of Polarization Observables in Vector Meson Photoproduction Using a Transversely-Polarized Frozen-Spin Target and                 Polarized Photons at CLAS, Jefferson Lab
Dalitz Plot Analysis and Extraction of Spin Density Matrix Elements for the Ω → 3Π Decay
Magnetothermal Transport and Elastoresistive Properties of Low-Dimensional Magnetoelectrics and Dichalcogenides
Lipid-Protein Interactions Defined by Multi-Frequency EPR
Spin Transport and Nanomagnetism in Semiconductor Heterostructures
Novel Pd and Chalcogen Based Low-Dimensional Superconductors and Electronic Properties of Type-I Weyl Semimetals
Entangling Qubits by Heisenberg Spin Exchange and Anyon Braiding
Impurities and Defects in Mott Systems
Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy Study for Higher Spin Structure of ³¹Si
Search for Supersymmetry with Two Photons and Missing Transverse Energy at CMS at a Center of Mass Energy of 13 TeV
Alkaline Earth Metal Fluxes for the Growth of Single Crystal Oxides
Optical Spectroscopy of Novel Semiconductors in High Magnetic Fields