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Understanding the Evolution of Tropical Cyclones through the ψ ‒Χ Framework
Electric Potential Gradient Behavior under Shallow Cumulus Clouds Using Electric Field Mills and Cumulus Cloud Top Vertical Growth at Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Observational Analysis of Atmospheric and Oceanic Diurnal Cycles in the Tropical Atlantic
Three Modeling Approaches to Predicting Pyrocumulus Formation during Prescribed Burns at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida
Unexplained Nocturnally Forming Lightning in the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station/Kennedy Space Center Area
Tropical-Midlatitude Communication Inferred from Annual Cycle
Heavy Rainfall Enhanced by Warm Season Fronts and Orography in Western North Carolina
Characterizing Buoy Wind Speed Error in Extreme Conditions through a Comparison with Scatterometers and ERA5 Reanalysis
Evaluation of Non-Gaussian Climate Statistics
Developing New Datasets to Evaluate Tropospheric Photochemistry and the Effects of Ozone Uptake in the Biosphere
HWRF Analysis and Forecast Impact of CYGNSS Observations Assimilated as Scalar Wind Speeds and as VAM Wind Vectors
Climate Variability of the Arctic from an Isentropic Potential Vorticity Perspective
A Climatology of U.S. Tropical Cyclone Rainfall, Its Use in a Statistical Forecasting Technique and an Analysis of Global Forecast System Tropical Cyclone Rainfall Forecast Environments
Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Interactions with Upper Tropospheric Flow
Absolute Angular Momentum Based Analytical Model for Tropical Cyclone Radial Wind Profiles
Impacts of Sugar Cane Agricultural Fires on Air Quality in Southern Florida
Diagnosing the Atmospheric Phenomena Associated with the Onset and Demise of the Rainy Season in Mesoamerica
Understanding Microphysics of Snowflakes and Snow Precipitation Process Using Spaceborne Microwave Measurements
Barrier Layer Development Local to Tropical Cyclones
Interannual Variability of Tropical Cyclone Potential Intensity and Lifetime Maximum Intensity
Have Improvements in Ozone Air Quality Benefitted Plants?
Flash Characteristics and Precipitation Metrics of Western U.S. Lightning-Initiated Wildfires
Tropical Cyclogenesis from Self-Aggregated Convection in Numerical Simulations of Rotating Radiative-Convective Equilibrium
On the Structure and Frequency of Secondary Eyewall Formation in HWRF Simulations of Tropical Cyclone Harvey (2017)
Two-Way Feedback between Air-Sea Turbulent Fluxes and Oceanic Submesoscale Processes
Florida's Tornado Climatology
Ice versus Liquid Water Saturation in Regional Climate Simulations of the Indian Summer Monsoon
Analysis of the 10–20-Day Intraseasonal Oscillation in the Indian Ocean Using Surface Winds from Composite Satellite Data
African Easterly Jet
Dynamics-Guided Analysis of Tropical Waves
Coupling Ocean Currents and Waves with Wind Stress over the Gulf Stream
Impact of Tropical Cyclones on Upper Atmospheric Chemistry Using a High-Resolution Chemical Transport Model and Aircraft             Observations
Role of Equatorial Pacific Currents in El Nino and El Nino Prediction
Examination of El Niño and La Niña Teleconnections to Sahel and Guinea Coast Rainfall in the Context of the 1968 Rainfall Regime Change
Evaluation of a Bispectral Fog Detection Technique with a Low Earth Orbiting Satellite for Fog Events in Florida
Using Radar-Derived Parameters to Develop Probabilistic Guidance for Lightning Cessation within Isolated Convection near Cape Canaveral, Florida
Influence of Helicity on Regulating Diabatic Potential Vorticity in Isolated Convective Storms
On the Obscured Relationship between Size and Intensity of Tropical Cyclones
Influence of Cloud Microphysical Schemes on Simulated Convection over the Cape Canaveral Region in South Easterly Flow
Case-Base Devaluation of a Physical Initialization Technique for Assimilating Precipitation in NWP
Predictability and Dynamics of the Genoa Low
Improving Satellite-Based Snowfall Estimation
Climatology of Tropical Cyclone Size in the Western North Pacific Using an Alternative Metric
Impact of Microstructure on an Accurate Snow Scattering Parameterization at Microwave Wavelengths
Tracking and Analysis of Mesoscale Convective Systems over Central Equatorial Africa
Expanding the Utility of GOES-R with Improved Assimilation of Lightning and Infrared Satellite Observations
Examination of Boreal Summer Sahel Rainfall Variability in the Context of the Tropical Easterly Jet
Wave and Wind Direction Effects on Ocean Surface Emissivity Measurements in High Wind Conditions
WRF Simulations of Water Vapor Content for TC Ingrid (September 2013)
Teleconnection between Subtropical Convection and Higher Latitude Wave Activity in the Atlantic