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Far from fields of glory
Bellwether Parish
Kurdish Networks of Negotiation in the Twentieth Century
Sexuality, States, and Settlers
Chasing Fabius the Army of Hessen-Kassel in the Age of Revolutions
Throw a Nickel on the Grass Operation Nickel Grass, American Airlift, and Power Projection in the Era of Détente
To Awaken the Song of Transport
Southern Masquerade
Decolonization and Southern Society
German Christians and Nazi Germany
To Whom Does Crimea Belong?
From Dispossession to Resurgence in the 21st Century
Interpreting Musical Character in the Dances of Seventeenth-Century Ballets de Cour
Paul Dirac
Unwilling Tools of Empire
Interpretations of Santayana and Religion
Siegfried Kracauer and the Photographic Image of the Angestellten
Historical and Archaeological Investigation of the Nineteenth Century Occupations at the San Luis De Talimali Mission Site (8LE4), Leon County, Florida
Milner Legacy
Making a Way out of No Way
Bickering Brass
Preserving Regional Identity in an Urbanizing Landscape
Origin of Disfranchisement
Before, during, and Beyond
When 'They' Are Listening
Robert Douglas
Star-Spangled Consciousness
Managing Modernist Musicians
Zeitfreiwillige and Freikorpskämpfer Paramilitaries of Early Weimar Germany
Pursuit of Equality the Continuation of Colonialism in Vietnam
Health Politics in Cold War America, 1953 -1988
Few, the Proud
Empire of Direct Mail
Now I Am in Distant Germany, It Could Be That I Will Die
Dancing with a Ghost
Nuclear Spaces
Recognizing the 'Learned Lady' in the English Upper Class, 1750-1860
Spectacle Lynching and the NAACP's Push for Anti-Lynch Legislation
Bible, the Classics, and the Jews in Pseudo-Hegesippus
Melodramatic Melanin
Collegiate Symbols and Mascots of the American Landscape
Little Island Will Not Be a Trifling Jewel
Defining Dramatic and Theatrical Interruptions Shakespeare, Jonson, Fletcher
Europa and the Bull
Mainline Protestantism, Scholarship, and the Twentieth Century Church Library Movement in the United States
Establishing Disestablishment
Gatherings of the West
Materiality of Empire
David Cox (1783-1859) Reconsidered