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Originally Nothing
Images of Uncertainty
Illustration and Realism in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel
Notes Toward a Panoramic View
Defining Dramatic and Theatrical Interruptions Shakespeare, Jonson, Fletcher
Book Illustration and Intersemiotic Translation in Early Modern England
Dislocation of Man in the Modern Age
Evolving Constructions of Love and Marriage in Austen, Eliot, and Wilde
Revision and Collaboration in the Henry VI Plays
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in the Seventeenth Century
Laws of Fantasy Remix
Advice and Discontent
Negative Bonds
Lyric Resistance
Uniqueness of Shakespeare's Prose
Reading the Cosmos and Reading the Poem in Early Modern English Poetry, 1579-1674
Seeing the Self
(Un)Sure Writers
Whirlwind into Heaven
Count Four
Anchor and Knife
Palace Blues
Assembling Postcards
Re-Educating the Pastoral
Composing Infrastructure
Mobile Vulgus
Gun on a Day
In This Skin
Cario Letter
American Exodus
Dirty Lover's Mausoleum
Lord Is Easy to Please
Drinking Dirty Water
Dear Exorcist
Big Nowhere
Creating the Cult
Beasts in the Dark
I Lost My Cherry, but I Still Got the Box It Came in
Coming Around Again
Reasons Why We Fell Apart
"My Charms Crack Not, My Spirits Obey"
Bodies at War
Fashioning and Refashioning Marie Laveau in American Memory and Imagination
Naylorian Worldview
Naturalistic Sensibility and Modern Korean Literature
Pale Cinema of Color and Broken Conversation