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What Makes You Study a Foreign Language?
Improving Critical Thinking Skills Development in a University Classroom
Effects of a Meaning-Oriented Online Writing Intervention on Commitment, Stress, and Burnout in Collegiate Athletes
Well-Being and Resilience in College Athletes
 Effects of Learning Support in a Math Game on Learners' in-Game Performance, Knowledge Acquisition, and Game Flow
Black Students from At-Risk to Thriving At-Possibility
Relationship between Certification Pathways and Teacher Effectiveness for Beginning and Experienced Teachers in Florida
Structural Equation Modeling Analysis of Chinese Undergraduate English Language-Learners' Personal Factors and Contextual Factors Based on Self-Determination Theory
Cognitive and Motivational Processes Underlying ADHD and Early Academic Skills in Preschool Children
Relationships among Social Comparison Orientation and Adjustment to Type 2 Diabetes in Adults
Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Expectation-Maximization (EM) Algorithm for Bayesian Network Calibration
Enhancing Decision-Making in Experienced Military Medics
Exploring Teacher and Child Factors That Explain Teacher-Perceived Relationship Qualities with Children Living in Poverty
Stroboscopic Training Effect on Anticipating the Direction of Tennis Serves
Decision-Making for Law Enforcement Officers
Parental Involvement, Students' Self-Esteem, and Academic Achievement in Immigrant Families in the United States
Teachers' Individual and Collective Sense-Making of a Social and Emotional Learning Program
Self-Regulated Learning, Motivation Beliefs, and the Regulation of Motivation among College Freshmen
Relationship between Certification Pathways and Teacher Effectiveness for Beginning and Experienced Teachers in Florida
Testing the Expanded Sport Official's Decision-Making Model
Thought Suppression Paradox in Student Athletes and Its Intervention
Featured Student Profiles
Influence of Teaching Assistants on Kindergarten and First Grade Teachers' Instructional Practices
Factors Influencing and Predicting the Likelihood of Mental Health Help-Seeking of Collegiate Student-Athletes
Teachers' Supports for Students' Psychological Needs in Communicative Language Teaching in China
Examining First-Year Student-Athlete Transition into College
Implementation and Evaluation of a Performance Profile Intervention with Collegiate Dancers
Online Learners' Satisfaction
Effects of Cardiovascular Health on Cognitive Function and Driving Performance among Healthy Older Adults
Combining Regression Slopes from Studies with Different Models in Meta-Analysis
Mindfulness Meditation Training for Sport and Injury Rehabilitation with High School Athletes
Visualizing Transfer
Qualitative Study of Systemic Factors Contributing to Successful Implementation of Response to Intervention Programs in Elementary Schools
Note-Taking and Technology
Effects of a Psychological Skills Training Program on Maintenance of Use and Self-Efficacy in Psychological Methods
Comparing Early Father-Daughter, Father-Son, Mother-Daughter, and Mother-Son Verbal Interactions in Low-SES Families
Relationships among Behavioral Engagement, Self-Efficacy, Academic Achievement, and Career Choice among Middle School Mathematics Students
Role of Psychological Well-Being in Eating Disorder Recovery
Dimensions of Undergraduate Research
Influence of Perceived Stress on the Relationship between Perfectionism and Burnout in Specialized versus Multiple Sport Division II and III Track and Field Collegiate Athletes
Contributions of Psychological Skills and Mindfulness to NCAA Student-Athlete Well-Being
Perceptions of School Library Media Specialists in Promoting Student Intrinsic Motivation
How the Onset of Bipolar Disorder Impacts College Students' Motivation and Ability to Engage in Self-Regulated Learning
Personal Epistemology of Engineering Students
Negotiating Position during the Process of Design within a Researcher-Developer-Practitioner Partnership
What Predicts University Students’ Use of Learning Strategies?
Modeling the Treatment Effect in Meta-Analysis When Combining Experimental and Correlational Studies
Intelligence Mindset Across a Semester
Effects of Guided Imagery and HRV Biofeedback Training on Psychological Variables and Post-Operative Outcome Measures of Orthopaedic Surgical Patients
Weakly-Informative Group-Specific Prior Distribution for Meta-Analysis