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The effect of progressive relaxation training on stress perception, dispositional optimism, and frequency and severity of running-related injuries
The relationship among cognitive complexity, oxygen, and activity level in older women
The effects of a teacher planning intervention model on selected teacher behaviors, knowledge, and attitudes
The effects of plyometrics on selected physiological and physical fitness parameters associated with high school basketball players
Preservice teacher observations in unguided field experiences in physical education
Analysis of job satisfaction determinants in NATA-certified athletic trainers employed in different settings
Personal control as a psychological mechanism responsible for the stress reducing effects of physical activity in the older adult
The relationship of departmental size and complexity with the leadership behavior of college and university physical education chairpersons
Anger in secondary school sport coaches: An investigation into two intervention strategies for its control
Effects of iron supplementation on aerobic power, endurance performance, blood lactate, and body iron stores in women
The effects of learning versus performance strategies on the acquisition of putting skill
The acute effects of resistance exercise on parameters of lipoprotein metabolism
The effectiveness and transferability of four learning strategies on achievement in self-paced discrete, serial and continuous motor tasks
The effect of a perceptual cognitive training program on attention/concentration style and performance of the tennis service
The relationship between efficacy strength and performance in competitive swimmers of different skill levels
Effects of relaxation on recovery of salivary immunoglobulin A following heavy swim training
Activity-dependent enhancement of balance in persons with Parkinson's disease following strength and balance training
The relationship between locus of control and two levels of instructional style with regard to compliance and satisfaction with psychological program for baseball athletes
Relationships between motivation factors and exercise participation of college students
I thought only fairy tales had supernatural forces: Toward a radical feminist amendment to Title IX in physical education
An examination of factors related to consumer behavior influencing attendance at professional sporting events
Negligence cases involving aquatic facility operation: Implications for reducing injuries, lawsuits and liability
The effects of aerobic exercise on cognitive ability and creativity in senior citizens
The effects of an individual's learning style preference on psychomotor achievement for college students
An examination of the NCAA Division I-A university athletic boosters/foundations pertaining to their organizational structure and policies concerning institutional control
An investigation of relationships among self-confidence, self-efficacy, competitive anxiety, and sport performance
A preservice physical education teacher's metaphors for teaching: Learning from a difficult student
The relationship of the dual role assignment to the level of perceived burnout by secondary teachers
An investigation of factors that may influence computer applications of physical education teachers within Florida's public school system
Effects of goal setting on performance on the Army Physical Fitness Test by ROTC cadets
The academic preparation and performance of student-athletes participating in football and men's basketball at Florida State University from 1986-1990
The use of information technology in athletic administration at selected NCAA Division I institutions
Attitudes and personal fitness knowledge of elementary physical education teachers regarding health-related fitness
A case study of learning chemistry in a college physical science course developed for prospective elementary teachers
The effects of humor on communicating fitness concepts to high school students
Analysis of job satisfaction/dissatisfaction and sensitivity among athletic managers employed by institutions of higher education in Puerto Rico
A comparison of choice reaction time in the presence of selected rhythmical auditory stimuli in open and closed skill athletes
The consequences and influences of comparative negligence and exculpatory agreements on administrative decisions within collegiate athletics concerning student-athletes at medical risk
An investigation of the role of tuning in the organization of voluntary movements
The relationship between high school athletic administrators' job satisfaction and job related stress
The relationship among declarative behavior management knowledge, pupil control ideology, and teacher efficacy for middle-grade physical education teachers
The roles and relationships of the cooperating teacher and the recurring themes of the student teaching internship in physical education: A qualitative study
The effects of a teacher-directed method and an individualized learning program in teaching motor skills to college students
Predominant leadership styles of intercollegiate head football coaches as perceived by themselves and their subordinates and as related to age and experience of the head coaches, divisional status of colleges, and win/loss record
Teaching and coaching behaviors of dual role college physical educator/coaches: A case study
The effectiveness of computer-assisted instruction in teaching sport rules, scoring procedures, and terminology
The relationship of burnout to coaching softball in NCAA division I, II and III colleges and universities
A political systems analysis of the NCAA Presidents Commission: 1984-1991
A naturalistic study of student teaching in physical education: A conflict of expectations
The interaction of learning style and imposed strategies in motor skill learning