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The response of the returning adult student to university higher education: A case study
An assessment of Florida Vietnam theater veterans utilization of the GI Bill
Manifestations of involvement in learning for reentry women
An analysis of factors affecting implementation of the policy to Africanize faculty at the University of Ghana (1961-1966)
The effects of CLAST instruction on the development of freshman writers
The influence of extracurricular involvement on student development among campus leaders at two large southeastern universities
The relationship between college orientation and student effort: An exploratory study
Perceived roles of consultants by users and dispensers in the allied health field in public postsecondary institutions
Institution entrepreneurism in selected single-campus Florida community colleges
Self-regulatory learning processes and academic achievement of high-risk students in higher education
Faculty grievances: A longitudinal study of conflict issues in the State University System of Florida
A study of Florida's system of two-year college learning resources programs using the proposed AECT/ACRL standards for two-year learning resources programs
The nontraditional adult student: Motivating factors triggering participation in higher education
Curriculum materials centers in teacher training institutions: A comparative study to determine existing and desired conditions
Perceived factors that influence enrollment decisions of Hispanic students at the Florida State University
A study of the grading attitudes and practices of faculty who teach undergraduate courses in the College of Education at the Florida State University
A study of the impact of accreditation committee recommendations on graduate programs in health services administration: 1982-1988
The relative importance of occupational and family roles for female college seniors in traditional and nontraditional college majors
Factors affecting decisions for converting small, private colleges from two-year to four-year institutions
Factors that influence students' decisions to persist in retention programs at selected Florida public community colleges
Does having formal training in instruction improve the attitude and performance of graduate student teaching assistants?
Black students' environmental perceptions of their community college
Evolution of the doctrine of academic abstention in American jurisprudence
The relationship of departmental size and complexity with the leadership behavior of college and university physical education chairpersons
The Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications: A history, 1970-1985
The relationship between demographic, economic, and socio political factors and state appropriations to public four year colleges and universities in Florida, Illinois, and Virginia: 1965-1985
Motivational orientations of reentry adult male graduate students to participate in higher education
Judging oral proficiency: Can the naive judge determine standardized test scores (Test of Spoken English) through an interview process
Constitutional freedoms of speech, assembly and association in public colleges and universities: Implications for institutional policy toward students
Study of library fund-raising activities at colleges and universities in the United States
The importance of research-based quality of life indicators to adults with learning disabilities and postsecondary education service providers
The differential effectiveness of coding, elaborating, and outlining for learning from text
Encountering writing: The literacies and lives of first-year students
The effect of external orienting task on learning outcomes and attitudes in the use of an educational hypertext system
The relationship of rape supportive beliefs and beliefs in traditional sex roles to sexual aggression and victimization in college students
A profile of the athletic pep band
Characteristics of established international student programs at three Florida universities
Governance dimensions and faculty perceptions of their participation in the governance of Nigerian Federal Universities
The academic and social integration of Black students in selected predominantly White institutions in Florida
The role of graphic representation and students' images in understanding the derivative in calculus: Critical case studies
A comparative study of non-native speaker performance on culture-fair and biased topic prompts
Manifestations of traditional and power theories of professions in selected physical therapy educational programs
Validation of a theory-based retention model for a four-year undergraduate architecture program
Planning college library buildings for information technology: Case studies of four small colleges
Expanding Stem Pathways
The effects of an extended orientation program on student out-of-classroom involvement as it relates to academic performance and retention
In the Trenches
The diffusion of digital compressed video-interactive in a university environment, 1988-1992: A case study
Governance of higher education in Louisiana: The process and impact of politics