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The occurrence of self-handicapping among Adult Children of Alcoholics
An investigation of the impact of the Florida improved career decision-making workshops on the delivery of career guidance services
The effect of contact on attitudes toward individuals with disabilities
The relationships of the perceptions of culture gaps to the job satisfaction and job performance of the rehabilitation counselors in Florida
The relationship of career indecision, vocational identity and gender to career beliefs
The test of a causal model relating student, school and teacher variables to Florida school district dropout rates
The Raise Achievement in Secondary Education (RAISE) Bill, 1983: Perceived impact on the role of secondary school counselors in selected counties of Florida
John Holland's theory and the effective use of computer-assisted career guidance systems
Suicide intervention training: Role-playing versus lecture methods for college students
Success indicators for elementary school counseling programs as perceived by maternal parents, teachers, students, administrators, and counselors
Factors that influence students' decisions to persist in retention programs at selected Florida public community colleges
An analysis of situational variation in moral reasoning
Black students' environmental perceptions of their community college
A study to assess the needs of students for vocational preparation at the Antilles Consolidated School System
Depression and marital satisfaction, among married women ages 25 to 44, as a function of intimacy, control, and interpersonal dependency
Menopausal women receiving and not receiving hormone replacement therapy: Generalized contentment, marital satisfaction, sexual satisfaction, health locus of control, and sex-role identity self-reports
A comparison of disseminators: Providing sexual abuse prevention materials to children
Comparison of hypothesis formulation in clinical judgment: Novice vs. expert counselors
The effect of internally vs. externally set training goals on performance and satisfaction
The effect of cognitive development and career decision needs on the appreciation of career development literature in adolescents
The systematic application of principles of motivation to the design of printed instructional materials
Relating counselor competencies to successful rehabilitation outcomes: An application of the organizational elements model to instructional design and development planning
The relationship between locus of control and two levels of instructional style with regard to compliance and satisfaction with psychological program for baseball athletes
Noncognitive variables as predictors of academic performance for black American students in teacher education preparation programs
Exploring the concept of suicide in children through stories: A case study approach
The design and implementation of a media production program to build self-esteem and improve the academic behavior and reading achievement of at-risk sixth-grade students: An experimental study
Validation of a theory-based retention model for a four-year undergraduate architecture program
Stress, coping, and adjustment in the postpartum: A case study approach
The effects of an extended orientation program on student out-of-classroom involvement as it relates to academic performance and retention
The effects of a relapse prevention program on adherence to a phase II cardiac exercise program
A formative evaluation of mainstreaming at-risk students: A case study
If I should die: A qualitative analysis of the death concepts of children dying of cancer
The relationship between counselor conceptual level and selection of career interventions
A causal model of on-campus recruiting interviews
An exploratory-comparative study of Black, community college, associate in arts degree students' concerns about completing the bachelor's degree
Reentering women: Overcoming barriers for completion of higher education programs
A study of the relationship of level of vocational identity and degree of congruence between expressed and measured vocational interests of engineering students aspiring to managerial or technical careers
Targeting the "real" economic costs of teen pregnancy: A skill building approach for early adolescents
Collaborative efforts between community colleges and public school systems to reduce the dropout rate
The social process of identifying and labeling potential dropouts: An analytical description
Communication, cognition, emotion and conversation between distressed spouses in a clinical setting: A constructivist explanation
A human capital approach to school retention
A study of academic and social integration in predicting student persistence at a residential, two-year college
Faculty mentor behaviors in community colleges and research universities
A study of variations in undergraduate academic advising processes by academic discipline and organizational structure of departments
At-risk early adolescent females: An ethnography of their school experiences
Factors and attitudes which relate to the implementation of undergraduate academic peer advising systems at Florida State University
The effects of a school-based social-cognitive group treatment program with early adolescents exhibiting school behavior problems
Differences between traditional-age and adult students with regard to selected attrition factors