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The effect of progressive relaxation training on stress perception, dispositional optimism, and frequency and severity of running-related injuries
Referral bias in teachers' nomination of Black and White elementary school children for gifted evaluations
African-American fifth-graders' visual-imagery constructions of tiling patterns and area measurement concepts
The effects of textual display and time on the learning of text materials containing adjunct questions
The relationship of career indecision, vocational identity and gender to career beliefs
Effects of goal-setting and self-efficacy on the effort and algebra achievement of high school students
The training effects of analogical reasoning as strategic knowledge on problem-solving
Self-regulatory learning processes and academic achievement of high-risk students in higher education
Comparison of the effects of two schema activators in the acquisition of verbal information in students with different levels of prior knowledge
A descriptive study of Type A and Type B male adolescents
Psychometric characteristics of a phonological processing battery
Causal analysis of problem-solving performance: A preliminary study
Effects of Repeated Reading on decoding disfluency and reading comprehension
The relative effectiveness and efficiency of systematically designed instructional text augmented with normal and compressed speech audio tapes
The influence of textual display in printed instruction on attention and performance
Problem-solving software: What does it teach?
Personal control as a psychological mechanism responsible for the stress reducing effects of physical activity in the older adult
Anger in secondary school sport coaches: An investigation into two intervention strategies for its control
The development of balance in children's drawings: A computational model
Family of origin issues among substance-dependent adolescents
The effects of feedback timing and learner response confidence on delayed retention of verbal information
Deep, elaborative, and fact-retaining learning processes as mediators of achievement
The effects of learning versus performance strategies on the acquisition of putting skill
The effects of text provided summary versus learner generated summary on field-independent and field-dependent subjects' comprehension of expository prose
Menopausal women receiving and not receiving hormone replacement therapy: Generalized contentment, marital satisfaction, sexual satisfaction, health locus of control, and sex-role identity self-reports
Assessing operant training potential
Effects of guided imagery on written occupational narratives
A comparison of disseminators: Providing sexual abuse prevention materials to children
The effects of activating schemata at different structural levels on high school students' retention and comprehension of a narrative passage
The relationship among stress, health locus of control, family support, and health beliefs and attitudes as predictors of compliance in Type I diabetics
The effect of enhanced self-esteem on academic performance in disadvantaged transescents in an Escambia District middle school
The effect of a perceptual cognitive training program on attention/concentration style and performance of the tennis service
The effects of student ability, locus-of-control and type of instructional control on motivation and performance
The effect of manipulating the order of practice and the interfering task on acquisition and retention of three motor tasks
The relationship between field-dependent/independent cognitive learning styles and selected cognitive processes in efficient/deficient reading skills among community college students
An evaluation of the effectiveness of two methods for providing computer-assisted repeated reading training to reading-disabled students
A model for reading comprehension
The effects of think-ahead questions and prior knowledge on learning and retention
The differential effectiveness of coding, elaborating, and outlining for learning from text
Trance and acting: A theoretical comparative study of acting and altered states of consiousness and a survey of the implications in current actor training and craft
The relationship between locus of control and two levels of instructional style with regard to compliance and satisfaction with psychological program for baseball athletes
The effects of contextualization and complexity of situation on mathematics problem-solving and attitudes
An examination of the effects of selected disciplinary art teaching strategies on the cognitive development of selected sixth-grade students
Small-group cooperative learning and field-dependence/independence effects on achievement and affective behaviors in mathematics of secondary school students in Medan, Indonesia
The relationship between cognitive style, ethnicity, and level of educational attainment for women receiving Aid for Dependent Children as compared with employed women
An analysis of psychological and educational variables and their relationship to global self-worth, scholastic competence, and social acceptance in male children diagnosed with a learning disability
A descriptive study of mentor-protege relationships, mentors' emotional empathic tendency and proteges' teacher self-efficacy belief
The relationships among behavior problems, academic achievement, and achievement-related beliefs in middle school-aged children: A longitudinal study
Effects of choice on the behavior of students with severe emotional disabilities of selecting peers and activity order
Effect of past experience and cognitive style in solving insight problems