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The response of the returning adult student to university higher education: A case study
Manifestations of involvement in learning for reentry women
An exploratory study into perceptions of continuing education practices as held by selected allied health practitioners
Information needs of the rural physician: A descriptive study
Factors associated with the participation of ministers of the Eleventh Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in continuing education
An investigation of the possible impact of training and organizational culture on technical employee job performance
Factors relating to the acquisition of competency in the use of personal computers among adults in Alaska
Benefits of participation in mandatory continuing education as perceived by Florida respiratory care practitioners
The value of literacy for the rural elderly: A naturalistic study
The design, development, implementation and evaluation of a plan of action to control turnover of security specialists in a state psychiatric hospital
The nontraditional adult student: Motivating factors triggering participation in higher education
Role performance and role importance of municipal law enforcement training directors in North Carolina
Enhancing learner motivation in an instructor-facilitated learning context
The use of the personal reflexive journal in the adult literacy tutorial: The case of Jane
An evaluation of benefits for older adults participating in university fee waiver programs
The effects of a worksite exercise and relaxation training program on work stress, physical fitness, and anxiety among state employees at an institutional setting
An evaluation of behavior modeling training designed to improve selected skills of educational managers
Strengthening the web of oppression: A study of racism and sexism in the literature of adult education
An assessment of health practices and needs among Dade County, Florida adults with implications for improving community health education
The development of a process model to include elements of a discipline-based art education approach at selected senior citizens centers
A study of the andragogical/pedagogical educational orientation of academic bibliographic instruction librarians
Post-literacy in Niger: Program design and the transfer of learning
Motivational orientations of reentry adult male graduate students to participate in higher education
Relating counselor competencies to successful rehabilitation outcomes: An application of the organizational elements model to instructional design and development planning
The educational implications of Catholic social action in Latin America: A case study of the APOV program in Brazil
An investigation into the nature, origin and use of indicators for evaluating training results in an organizational setting
Using action planning to facilitate transfer of training
The effect of a telecourse on content area teachers' achievement of language acquisition principles
Adult community bands in the southeastern United States: An investigation of current activity and background profiles of the participants
A study of the usefulness and effectiveness of a self-instructional print module on multicultural behaviour change in apprentices in Manitoba
Helping the adult learner overcome alienation: Considerations of a theory of truth for practice
Characteristics of established international student programs at three Florida universities
The effectiveness of electronic and telecommunications tutoring on distance education students' completion rates, learning outcomes, time to complete and their motivation to participate in future distance education programs
Adult education and the cross-cultural transfer of innovation: A critical analysis of the Rural Organizations Development policy in Niger
Wise women wear black hats: A life history exploration of professional identity formation in two African American women adult educators
Career mobility of health services administrators and the role of continuing professional education
Development of a formative evaluation model for instructor-led courses
A qualitative study of personal autonomy
Employers' perspectives of youth apprenticeship partnerships with schools
An examination of the effectiveness of the Values Integration Pyramid module among graduate social work students
Reentering women: Overcoming barriers for completion of higher education programs
The perceptions of contract trainers at public higher education institutions in Georgia concerning state and institutional policies which create or exacerbate barriers to contract training
Development and validation of a model for evaluating aircrew checklists
Makin' a life: Perspectives of women in culturally and structurally diverse families on their roles in children's learning
Training and development: The Neely D. Gardner approach
An historical study of the evolutionary changes in the statewide administration of extension education in Florida between 1947 and 1965
A study of the satisfaction of participants in university-administered Elderhostel programs as related to selected personal variables
The relationship between preretirement preparation and leisure satisfaction in the early years of retirement