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An evaluation of the impact of the Florida State University/University of West Florida cooperative doctoral program as perceived by graduates and their employers
An analysis of factors affecting implementation of the policy to Africanize faculty at the University of Ghana (1961-1966)
Merit pay as a symbolic action: The case of Florida
A developmental conferencing model: A case study of the systematic application of coaching and conferencing skills by school principals
The relationship between multiple-site enrollment and the educational progress of grade three, four, and five students in a north Florida school district
Assessment of Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) instructors by: Supervisors, instructor self-reviews and students
Barriers to the public school principal's instructional leadership performance as perceived by principals, teachers, and key district personnel
A comparative study of the relationship between school climates and student achievement in fifth, seventh, and ninth grades in a north Florida school district
The relationship between college orientation and student effort: An exploratory study
The test of a causal model relating student, school and teacher variables to Florida school district dropout rates
The Raise Achievement in Secondary Education (RAISE) Bill, 1983: Perceived impact on the role of secondary school counselors in selected counties of Florida
A study of stages of concern of a new intervention (computer-assisted instruction) in an elementary school
A comparative study of the support and faculty, administrator, and student perceptions of associate business degree programs offered by the University of Maine system
Perceived roles of consultants by users and dispensers in the allied health field in public postsecondary institutions
Institution entrepreneurism in selected single-campus Florida community colleges
Determining societal impact for Florida's vocational education programs: Utilization of several state agencies' databases to capture and validate outcome indicators
An examination of staff development for part-time or adjunct faculties in Florida public community colleges
Faculty grievances: A longitudinal study of conflict issues in the State University System of Florida
A Delphi study of the impact of communication technologies on the public school districts in the United States
The effects of a teacher planning intervention model on selected teacher behaviors, knowledge, and attitudes
Factors affecting decisions for converting small, private colleges from two-year to four-year institutions
The influence of mentors on career development of women in educational administration in Leon County, Florida
Role conflict and role ambiguity in Florida local arts agencies
An assessment of religious practice as perceived by public school principals and principals' attitudes toward religious practice in Florida public schools
The relationship of attitudes towards disabled persons and barriers to the livery of vocational education to persons with disabilities
The relationship of departmental size and complexity with the leadership behavior of college and university physical education chairpersons
University investment portfolios and commodities futures cycles
Litigation involving grievance arbitration in public education, 1977 to 1987
The effect of enhanced self-esteem on academic performance in disadvantaged transescents in an Escambia District middle school
Competencies needed by vocational and technical education administrators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Teachers' voices: Adding a neglected perspective on educational reform and improvement
The problems of managing contract training courses and programs at Florida public community colleges
Policy evaluation in arts administration
Rural education policy: A comparison of patterns in rural, suburban, and urban teacher job satisfaction in the state of Florida
Inservice faculty development needs of part-time faculty as perceived by part-time faculty and their supervisors at three selected community colleges in Florida
Administrative perceptions of international students and case studies of international student experience at the Florida State University
The development of vocational education policy in Thailand: Twenty-five years of national planning
The impact of school quality on parent involvement
Constitutional freedoms of speech, assembly and association in public colleges and universities: Implications for institutional policy toward students
A study of the burden of an alternative tax earmarked to fund public K-12 education in Florida and the political economy of adopting it
A theoretical framework for the analysis of high-performing interdisciplinary team functioning in selected middle schools
An evaluation and critique of a kindergarten parent involvement program: A case study
Using consensus-building strategies in educational systems design
An analysis of teacher empowerment, transformation leadership and job satisfaction in the elementary school
The employment relevance of the undergraduate business education curriculum for prospective teachers at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, 1983-1993
Alternative discipline trends in selected Florida schools
Toward a computer-integrated education system: A design-experiment to create an electronic educational systems design tool
An examination of the NCAA Division I-A university athletic boosters/foundations pertaining to their organizational structure and policies concerning institutional control
A case study of Florida State University's establishment of a multicultural requirement