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Exploring Teachers' Supportive Strategies to Facilitate Children's Emergent Writing in Preschool
Southern Masquerade
Qualitative Exploration of Designing Online Reciprocal Teaching for Scaffolding Metacognitive Strategy Use for College Students
Essays in Public Finance and the Economics of Education
Role of Education in the Reintegration of Ex-Combatants in Colombia
Effect of Melodic and Labeling Individuation Training on Young Children's Implicit and Explicit Outgroup Biases
Influence of Security and Support on Performance, Punishment, and Parental Engagement in Majority White and Majority Minority Schools
Roles of Emotional Intelligence and Resilience in Academic Success
Leadership Theories and School Librarians' Pre-Service Preparation for the Role of Technology Leader
Relationship between Certification Pathways and Teacher Effectiveness for Beginning and Experienced Teachers in Florida
In Pursuit of Indigenous Turkish Philosophy of Education
Home Math Environment and Math Achievement
Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Expectation-Maximization (EM) Algorithm for Bayesian Network Calibration
Renewed Critical Pedagogy
How Adolescent African American Females Make Sense of Stem Learning
Developing a Conceptual Framework for Adolescent Vocabulary Intervention
Teachers' Sense of Self-Efficacy Scale in the Virtual Setting
Teachers' Individual and Collective Sense-Making of a Social and Emotional Learning Program
M-DCPS iHEAT Experience
Pedagogical Study of the Saxophone through the Lens of Acoustic Niche Hypothesis
Class Size and Student Achievement
Soundscapes of Underprivileged Youth
Pathways to Family Formation in an Era of Student Loan Debt
Ethiopian Principals' Perceptions Towards the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Primary Schools
Relationship between Certification Pathways and Teacher Effectiveness for Beginning and Experienced Teachers in Florida
Crossing Borders, Crossing Boundaries
Principal Feedback to Teachers Leading to Sustainable Change by
Visual Cartographic Explorations of a High School Art Room Assemblage
Wicor after High School
Turkey's Imam-Hatip Schools
Understanding College Readiness Experiences of Rural High School Students in Pursuit of Postsecondary Education
Library and Information Science Education in the English-Speaking Caribbean
Effect of Tactile Markers on Intonation and Posture of Beginning Violin and Viola Students
Types of Pre-Kindergarten Experiences and Children's Academic and Social-Emotional Outcomes in Kindergarten and First Grade
Using Jazz Pedagogy to Supplement the Undergraduate Classical Lesson Setting
Contributions of Student Affairs Professional Organizations to Collegiate Student Leadership Programs in the Late Twentieth Century
LGB Sponsorship Stigma
Giving Them a Voice
Error-Detection in Marksmanship
To Depart or Not to Depart?
Visualizing Transfer
Qualitative Study of Systemic Factors Contributing to Successful Implementation of Response to Intervention Programs in Elementary Schools
Causal-Effect of Cross-Language Transfer of Phonological Awareness
Practical Guide for English-to-Chinese Interpreters in Piano Master Classes
Self-Esteem and Locus of Control
Latent Change Score Modeling Approach to Investigating Developmental Relations between Phonological Awareness and Decoding Ability in Early Readers
Intercultural Teacher Education through Cultural Synergy
Effect of ARCS-Based Motivational Email Messages on Participation in an Online ESOL Class