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Techniques to Reduce Data Cache Access Energy Usage and Load Delay Hazards
Randomized Algorithms for Computing Low-Rank Matrix Approximation
Multi-Scale Hurricane Loss Estimation
Building Tools for Forensic Analysis of Mobile and IoT Applications Using Selective Data Extraction
Future of Android with Liquid Development
Topology Aware Routing Techniques for Next Generation Interconnect Networks
Large-Scale Multi-Target Tracking Problem for Interacting Targets
Modeling Coastal Adaptation
Multi-Criteria Decision Support System for Ph.D. Supervisor Selection
Computational Investigation of the Optimal Halton Sequence in QMC Applications
Time Series Analysis and Forecasting for Business Intelligence Applications
Towards Ubiquitous Sensing Using Commodity WiFi
Machine Learning Approach for Generalizing Traffic Pattern-Based Adaptive Routing in Dragonfly Networks
Enabling Efficient Big Data Services on HPC Systems with SHMEM-Based Programming Stack
Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications for Lidar, Images, and Unstructured Data
Towards Automating the Establishment and Evolution of Software Traceability
Comparative mRNA Expression Analysis Leveraging Known Biochemical Interactions
Automatic Detection and Correction of Errors in Video Tutorial Transcripts
Modeling and Comparison of Large-Scale Interconnect Designs
Design and Evaluation of Networking Techniques for the Next Generation of Interconnection Networks
Securing Systems by Vulnerability Mitigation and Adaptive Live Patching
DAGDA Decoupling Address Generation from Loads and Stores
Comprehensive Study of Portability Bug Characteristics in Desktop and Android Applications
Matching Physical File Representation to Logical Access Patterns for Better Performance
Sensor Systems and Signal Processing Algorithms for Wireless Applications
Neural Rule Ensembles
Multi-Temporal-Spectral Land Cover Classification for Remote Sensing Imagery Using Deep Learning
Can Playing a Video Game Foster Computational Thinking Skills?
I/O Latency in the Linux Storage Stack
Segmentation and Structure Determination in Electron Microscopy
Improving the Effectiveness of Performance Analysis for HPC by Using Appropriate Modeling and Simulation Schemes
Community Search and Detection on Large Graphs
Novel Mixed Reality Interface for Effective and Efficient Human Robot Interaction with Unique Mobility Platforms
Effective and Efficient Approach for Clusterability Evaluation
Comparing Samos Document Search Performance between Apache Solr and Neo4j
Motion Planning Testing Environment for Robotic Skid-Steered Vehicles
Open-Source Low-Cost Internet of Things Platform for Buildings
Study on Semantic Relation Representations in Neural Word Embeddings
Dependency Collapsing in Instruction-Level Parallel Architectures
Feistel-Inspired Scrambling Improves the Quality of Linear Congruential Generators
Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease Based on Volume and Intensity Changes in MRI Images
Ensemble Pruning Algorithms in Machine Learning
Exploring Novel Burst Buffer Management on Extreme-Scale HPC Systems
Contributions to Problems in Topology Control of Unmanned Aerial Systems
Enhancing Infiniband with Openflow-Style SDN Capability
There & Never Back Again
Statistical Data Analysis of Resting State fMRI