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Online News Association's Historic Role in Fueling the Next Wave of Emerging Female Digital News Leaders in the 21st Century
Impact That Organizational Communication and Positionality Have on the Conceptualization and Design of a Collegiate Recovery Program for Students in Recovery from a Substance Use Disorder
Happy Face, Clean Place?
You Belong among the Wildflowers... Unless You're an Instagrammer
Construal Levels in Social Media Marketing
Why Do People Spend Money on Mobile Games?
Profile of Chinese Undergraduate Students' Usage of Live Game Streaming
Self Discrepancy, Instagram Photomanipulation, and Negative Romantic Relationship Outcomes
Factorial Validity and Measurement Invariance of the Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales Developmental Profile
Role of Ideographs in Nonprofit Branding
Promoting Behavioral Intentions to Defend Victims of Bullying among College Students with an Interactive Narrative Game
Snap It Together
Using Computer-Mediated Communication to Reduce Loneliness in Older Adults
Gender Identity and Engagement in Health Behaviors
Ain't No Sunshine
It's All about the Money
Unpacking Social Bias
Death Desensitization, Terrorism News, and Sectarian Prejudice
The Persuasive Effect of Narrative with Different Story Ending, Counterfactual Thinking, and Eleboration
hat's the Beef with Veganism?
Fine Line between Famous and Notorious
Identifying the Relationship between Frequency and Variety in Relation to Dialect Awareness
Case Study of a Psycholinguistic Approach to Assessment and Treatment of Speech Sound Disorder
Nuclearization as National Security a Comparative Analysis of Framing and Frame Building in Indian and Pakistani Newspapers
User Generated Branding versus Brand Generated Advertising on Facebook
Company Benefits and Social Benefits
Group Decision-Making Communication Effectiveness (GDMCE) Scale
Impact of Group Affirmation on Environmental Message Acceptance, Risk Perception and Behavioral Intention
Media Stereotype Effects on the Social Identity of Appalachians
Seeing Is Believing
Early Social Communication Predictors of Preschool Emergent Literacy Skills in Toddlers 18-24 Months of Age
Crisis Preparation
Appearance-Related Comparisons Mediate the Relationship between Instagram Use and Body Image Concerns
Past Is Awake
Evaluating Uses and Adoption of Media Innovations in Disaster Warnings
How to Maximize Self-Efficacy in Health Messages?
Information Exchanged in Mentoring Between Faculty Advisors and Their Doctoral Students
Inspecting the News
Citizens' Political Information Behaviors during Elections on Twitter in South Korea
Watching with Virtual Crowds
Socially Inclusive Role of Curatorial Voice
What Reagan Said to the Evangelicals
Public Diplomacy or Propaganda
Effects of Simultaneous Lexical-Semantic Linguistic Load on Parameters of Gait in Healthy Young and Elderly          Individuals
Comparison of Motor Learning Guided and Sound Production Treatment Approaches for Training Novel Speech in Healthy          Adults
Exploring University Students' Online Information Seeking About Prescription Medications
Effects of Information Technology on Organizational Communication
El-Capstone Scale Development
Emotion Management and Highly Interactivity Video Games