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Mate Preference in Poeciliid Fish and the Quantification of Complex Color Patterns
Characterizing Non-Typical Epithelial Behavior
Community Ecology of Mesofauna Associated with the Caribbean Fire Sponge, Tedania ignis, and Context-Dependent Effects of Symbiosis
Traumatic Brain Injury Attenuates Smooth Muscle PAQR7-Induced Vasodilation in Resistance Size Cerebral Arteries
Determining the Influence of Abiotic Factors on Spatiotemporal Patterns of Marine Catfish (Family
Socially Mediated Plasticity and Polymorphism
Assembly Mechanisms and Functions of Centrosomal and Non-Centrosomal Microtubule-Organizing Centers
Molecular-Genetic Basis of Sex-Specific Behaviors
Effects of Developmental Nicotine Exposure on the Brain and Behavior
Mechanisms of Oxytocin Regulation of Sensory Processing and Sociality in Mice and Humans
Investigating the Interaction of Sleep and Alcohol
Human Pluripotent Stem Cells on Cellular Behaviors of Isogenic Cortical Spheroids
Insights into Proteasome Quality Control
Characterization of Linc Complex Assembly in Budding Yeast
Impact of Estradiol on Food Intake, Cell Signaling, and Diet-Induced Inflammation
On the Use of Conformal Mappings, Invariants and Warpings in Investigations of the Cortical Surface
Understanding Variation in Complex Displays and Mate Choice in a Lekking Species with Cooperative Dual-Male Courtship
Exploring Cis Elements and Trans-Acting Factors Involved in the Human Inactive X Chromosome Organization and Compaction
Proximate Mechanisms Influencing Individual Variation in Cooperative Behavior
Notch-Induced Neoplastic Tumorigenesis in a Drosophila Transition Zone Model
Physiological Ecology of Elasmobranchs in the Gulf of Mexico and Northwestern Atlantic
Effects of Sperm Environment on the Evolution of Gamete Traits in Ciona Robusta
Characterizing Gene Networks and RNA-Mediated Gene Regulation in Maize
Utilities for Off-Target DNA Mining in Non-Model Organisms and Querying for Phylogenetic Patterns
Genetic Dissection of Cis-Elements in Spatio-temporal Control of DNA Replication
Traits, Species, and Communities
Foraging Ecology and Diet Selection of Juvenile Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) in the Western Bahamas
Using Mathematical Tools to Investigate the Autoimmune Hair Loss Disease Alopecia Areata
Discovering Change Using Herbarium Specimens
Biomechanical Evolution of Mammalian Prismatic Enamel with Potential Application to Biomimetic Ceramic Development
Exploration of the Role of Disinfection Timing, Duration, and Other Control Parameters on Bacterial Populations Using a Mathematical Model
How Males Shape Up
Sex Differences in the Addiction-like Properties of Ketamine
Structural and Functional Characterization of Escherichia Coli Assimilatory Sulfite Reductase
Philosophical, Historical, and Empirical Investigations into the Concept of Biological Fitness
Composition and Stability of Single-Stranded DNA Viral Populations in Wastewater Treatment Plants
Dissecting the Roles of Signaling Pathways and microRNAs in Proliferation and Tumorigenesis
Role of Seasonal and Geographic Temperature Variation in the Life Cycle of the Clonal Sea Anemone Diadumene Lineata (Verrill)
Assortative Mating in the Tropical Sea Urchin Lytechinus Variegatus
Reproductive Dynamics of Gulf Black Sea Bass in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
Why Dominant Individuals Cooperate — Fitness Consequences of Cooperative Courtship in a System with Variable Cooperative Display Coalitions
Genetics of Adaptation of ssRNA Viruses
Insulin Secretion Rhythms
Cryo-EM 3D Reconstruction of Isolated Lethocerus Z-Discs
Sex Differences in Molecular Pathology in the 5XFAD Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
View of Rhynchosporeae (Cyperaceae) Diversification before and after the Application of Anchored Phylogenomics Across the                 Angiosperms
Establishment of Novel Techniques for the Analysis of the Yin Yang 1 Interactome and the Role of Serine 247                 Phosphorylation
Implications of Population Growth Rate Projections and Pollen Limitation for the Conservation of a Threatened Dioecious                 Plant
Genetics of Adaptation of Island Rattlesnakes
Evolutionary Insights from Analyses of Spatial Genetic Variation in North American Frogs