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Far from fields of glory
Bellwether Parish
Do, Lord, remember me: religion and cultural change among blacks in Florida, 1565-1906
history of the public library in St. Petersburg, Florida
Factors contributing to unplanned discontinuance of treatment by patients at the Leon County Mental Health Clinic, Tallahassee, Florida, July 1, 1956 - September 30, 1957
comparative analysis of applicants to Douglas Gardens, the Jewish Home for the Aged of Greater Miami, Florida
comparative analysis of the backgrounds of 50 patients referred to social work service because of discharge problems and 50 patients not referred to social work service, Veterans Administration Hospital, Coral Gables, Florida
Some psychosocial characteristics of out-patients whose cases were reopened two or more times in the Veterans Administration, Mental Hygiene Clinic, Coral Gables, Florida
Family and social characteristics of white and Negro dependent children residing in the Department of Public Welfare emergency shelter homes, Jacksonville, Florida, October and November, 1960
follow-up study of forty white patients released between January 1, 1956 and June 30, 1957, Florida State Hospital, Chattahoochee, Florida
Family acceptance or non-acceptance of twenty white female patients released on trial visit, Florida State Hospital, Chattahoochee, Florida, 1959
comparison by descriptive, social and clinical data of 34 adult patients in the Rehabilitation Center for Crippled Children and Adults, Miami, Florida who live with some member of their family with 36 adult patients who lived alone
Thirty patients referred to out-patient clinic and mental hygiene clinic upon discharge from the Neurophychiatric Ward of the Veterans Administration Hospital, Coral Gables, Florida, between April 1, 1958 and October 1, 1958
analysis of the waiting list of the family Consultation Service, Jacksonville, Florida, from October, 1957, through September, 1958
Patient admissions to the South Florida State Hospital, Hollywood, Florida, compared with the population of the hospital district in respect to age, race and residence, 1957-1958
Continuance and discontinuance of treatment, the Leon County Mental Health Clinic, July 1, 1959-July 1, 1960
Parental participation in the treatment of children's problems in the Human Development Clinic of the Florida State University
study of the personality adjustment of one hundred thirty-five seventh grade youngsters in a certain junior high school in south Florida by means of the California test of personality
instrument for evaluating physical education in the elementary school
Follow-up interviews with twelve individuals denied financial assistance during August, 1956, Dade County, Miami, Florida
analysis of the services of Travelers Aid Society of Miami for the month of March, 1949
study of cooperative planning for the education of the partially seeing child in an elementary school
study of the adequacy of vocational rehabilitation services to mentally retarded persons in Florida based on selected cases
analysis of current problem areas for 65 children in foster care with a governmental child welfare unit in Miami, 1957
study of practices and policies in Dade County, Florida for admission of patients to state tuberculosis hospitals as shown by an analysis of the case histories of twenty-seven patients admitted during the period January 1 through July 31, 1952
role description of the professional people invovled in the rehabilitation and hospital industries program in effect at the Veterans Administration Hospital, Coral Gables, Florida
availability of identifying data and background information on offender-patients at the Florida State Hospital at Chattahoochee
study of sixty-six cases referred for history resources at Florida State Hospital Social Services Department from July 1, 1958 through June 30, 1959
population study of the Dade County Child Guidance Clinic for the years 1948-1958, Miami, Florida
study of the historical development of Douglas Gardens, the Jewish Home for the Aged of Greater Miami, Florida
extension of social work principles into letters written by five students at the Florida State Hospital
study of sixth grade reading difficulties at Hendricks avenue school, Jacksonville, Florida, 1949-1950
historical account of the in-school counseling project St. Petersburg, Florida
comparative study of the work performance of forty-two handicapped member-employees, Veterans Administration Hospital, Coral Gables, Florida, July 1957 - September 1959
Development of a high school agricultural program with special reference to health problems
Selected Florida educators' reactions to multi-level reading laboratory materials
investigation of reading in six selected classes in Princeton School for the year 1954-55
General education and geography in Florida junior colleges
Hydrogeology of the St. Marks River Basin, northwest Florida
study of transfer students entering Florida State University in September, 1952 in relation to selected orientation procedures
study of the libraries in three Florida junior colleges
study of the factors affecting the selection of a particular lodging accommodation in Tallahassee
overview of archaeology related to karst features in Florida
inquiry into the adequacy of the training offered by the Florida State University Library School
Board-librarian relationships in Florida public libraries
negro and the law in Florida, 1821-1921
study of some of the existing relationships between art teachers and core teachers in eight Florida secondary schools
Country furniture of the ante-bellum South with special attention to certain Florida-made pieces
analysis of the reading interests and habits of tenth grade pupils in Walton High School
annotated bibliography of science books recommended for use in the Florida program of general science