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Far from fields of glory
Bellwether Parish
A schema model of dispositional attribution in the employment selection process
The effects of ageism and age discrimination on older workers: A field study
The effect of progressive relaxation training on stress perception, dispositional optimism, and frequency and severity of running-related injuries
On determinants of Laplacians and multiple gamma functions
Characterization of nicotinic acetylcholine-activated channels in larval insect neurons
Social intelligence and likability
Masseter EMG activity: Normative data and biofeedback training comparisons
Meal composition, snacking patterns and their effects upon mood
The response of the returning adult student to university higher education: A case study
An assessment of Florida Vietnam theater veterans utilization of the GI Bill
Manifestations of involvement in learning for reentry women
Cognitive frameworks and classroom practices: A case study of teacher learning and change
An evaluation of the impact of the Florida State University/University of West Florida cooperative doctoral program as perceived by graduates and their employers
An analysis of factors affecting implementation of the policy to Africanize faculty at the University of Ghana (1961-1966)
The effects of CLAST instruction on the development of freshman writers
Effects of problem-solving and relaxation treatments for insomnia on sleep-onset latency and cognitive arousal prior to sleep
A molecular and cytogenetic analysis of asymmetric somatic hybrids of the genus Nicotiana
Trace metal biogeochemistry in the Black Sea: Dissolved and suspended-particulate chemical fractionation of transition and Class B metals
Outcome evaluation of a relapse prevention and a drug education program with federal inmates
Referral bias in teachers' nomination of Black and White elementary school children for gifted evaluations
A cognitive assessment of men who sexually offend against children
The occurrence of self-handicapping among Adult Children of Alcoholics
The responsible community: Ecclesiology in the thought of H. Richard Niebuhr and Dietrich Bonhoeffer
A study of the hedonic responses involved in the consumption of music
Information theory and dividend announcements
Gagne's events of instruction in a cooperative learning environment: A case study
African-American fifth-graders' visual-imagery constructions of tiling patterns and area measurement concepts
The unfinished in art: Nine case studies
Managerial behavior in Saudi Arabia: Utilizing the temporal factor in the analysis of managerial behavior
An investigation of the impact of the Florida improved career decision-making workshops on the delivery of career guidance services
A critical approach to the short story in English: Toulmin's rational model of argumentation
William Morris's "embodiment of dreams"
The interplay of religion and humor in Herman Melville's fiction
Merit pay as a symbolic action: The case of Florida
The relationship between personal authority, job involvement, intimacy, and marital adjustment of law enforcement officers
Family and professional perceptions of the appropriateness of family involvement in the head injury rehabilitation process
The effect of contact on attitudes toward individuals with disabilities
The relationships of the perceptions of culture gaps to the job satisfaction and job performance of the rehabilitation counselors in Florida
Treatment of the institutionalized dementia relative and the family member relationship: A group comparison approach
Pet ownership and family functioning in clinical settings of marriage and family therapy
Validation of a computer-administered instrument for the repeated measurement of depression
Pathogenic vibrios in the marine environment
On the initiation of surface cyclones by upper tropospheric disturbances
Initialization of cloud and radiation in the Florida State University global spectral model
Neptune: The application of coarse-grain data flow methods to scientific parallel programming
Narrative and conversational discourse of adults with right hemisphere damage
Conserving forest diversity in northern Florida: From landscapes to populations
Supervisory feedback versus a multi-level performance management system: A comparison of effectiveness, cost and social acceptability