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Sleeping Safe
How Australopithecus provided insight into human evolution
Clinical guidelines on antidepressant withdrawal urgently need updating
Withdrawal of unnecessary antidepressant medication
Planning for a Rainy Day
experimental study of turtle shell rattle production and the implications for prehistoric faunal assemblages
Evaluation of the Modified Early Warning Scoring System in an Acute Care Hospital
Sexual Harassment at the Bedside
Predicting Hospital Readmissions for Pneumonia in a Single Center
Scientific practice in the time of COVID-19
Coronavirus as impetus for a lasting change in research culture
Increasing Momentum for Student Success (Research Brief)
Music Therapy and Post-Operative Pain
Pearson 2018 Associated taxon records parsing R code
Unprofessional Conduct In Nursing and its Impact in Nurse Retention and Job Satisfaction
NSF Makes Award to Florida State University (FSU) Information Institute To Study Information Technology (IT) Education and Rural Broadband
Sustainability of Immigration
FSU Libraries Office of Digital Research & Scholarship Annual Report
SARS-CoV-2 Infection Evoked Hypoalbuminemia Predicts Progression to Critical Illness in Patients with Mild to Severe Liver Disease
Coronavirus and Inequality
Social work and the necessity of open access
Statistical significance under low power
FSU Libraries Office of Digital Research and Scholarship Annual Report
 Descriptive Study on Depression, Delirium, and Dementia Recognition
Improving Heart Failure Readmission Rates, Patient Education, and Nurse Confidence in the Hospital Setting
Recognition of Compassion Fatigue in Healthcare Providers
Assessing the Relationship between Cultural Competence and Quality Care in Non-English Speaking Patients from Providers’ Perspective
Clinical guidelines on antidepressant withdrawal urgently need updating
Is it publish or perish?