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Three performers on the trapeze
Suspended by a mouth piece
Performing a trapeze act
Two Lane Break-Away
Oktoberfest performance
Balancing on the trapeze bar
Rope swinging on the trapeze
The Aerial Anchor
Revolving Ladders
Performers practicing on trapeze ropes
Performing on the trapeze at the Quincy Tobacco Festival
Rope swinging performance
Double swinging trapeze
Below the rope swinging performance
Hanging by a mouth piece
Two lane break-away
Preparing for the leap
Preparing for a show
Watching trapeze practice
The Sky High Girls
Performing on the trapeze
Trapeze artists
Standing on the trapeze
The Aerial Anchor
Waiting at the trapeze
Catching on the trapeze
Aerialists swinging on the trapeze
Rope swinging on the trapeze
Trapeze act
Practice from a distance
Revolving Ladders
Giant Whirl act
Leaping on the trapeze
Trapeze practice
Rope swinging act
Trapeze ladder practice
Suspended by a rope from the trapeze
Aerialist on the trapeze
Three Girl Hang
Swinging on the trapeze
Hanging from the trapeze
Practicing on the trapeze ladders
Waiting to perform on the trapeze
Hanging across the trapeze
Preparation for the two lane break-away
Rope swinging performance