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Kaufman, Rodger
Zeller, Kathy
Dr. Gordon W. Blackwell, President, with students
Marshall J. Stanley and family
Walters, Jerry
President Gordon W. Blackwell, Dr, Robert Smith(presenting coy of his Culture in Florida) Wendell Jarrard, Chairman-Director, Florida Development Commission
Inauguration of John E. Champion as President, with Govenor Burns
Donaldson, Ethel
Bernie, Ingram
Platts, Dave
Priest, John Dr.-Religion
Huzzard- Music
Meyer, Richard
Library Stairway
Doak Walker-President Doak S. Campbell at stadium
Kansky, Robert Dr.
Diehl, Lee Ann
Kellum, J.G.
Morris, Marchelle
King, Katherine
Hogan, Pat- Board of Regents
Watts, Betty
Family of Dr. Gordon W. Blackwell assembled for his inaugural as president of F.S.U.
Inauguration of John E Champion
Kittles, E.-Home Economics
Kellogg, W.N.
Keena, Murray Dr.
McConnell, Betty
Proschan, Frank
Weisbord, Norman E.-Professor Geology
Swain, Robert
Dr. Blackwell and family
Leslie, David- Education Leadership
Schmidt, Harry
Plyler, Earl K.
Pittman, Mike
Marshall J. Stanley
Groomes, Freddie- Assistant to University President Human Affairs
Taff, Barry
Glidden, Robert
Hunt Kellog-English
Plyler, Earl K.
Harrison, Judy
Sullivan, Patrick
Puckett, Richard