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Children's interests in reading
Tarzan and the ant men
adventures of Pinocchio
bojabi tree
Odyssey of Homer
Toby Tyler
Quatre mois en Floride
Claude Pepper with the Florida State Society
Ante-bellum Tallahassee
Old St. Augustine
Survey of the Seminole Indians of Florida
Seminole Indians, Florida
Whitney's Florida pathfinder
Relation, or journal, of a late expedition to the gates of St.Augustine, on Florida
Observations upon the Floridas
Scenes in a surveyor's life
Calendar of Florida University
North Florida fruit and truck farms at Hilliard
C. K. Steele, a biography
History of women's intercollegiate athletics at Florida State University from 1905-1972
Florida Flambeau
Delivery of sheep and goats
List of beer rations for high officials and priests, circa 2051 BCE
Disbursement of garments, 2033 BCE
Record of grain
Receipt of sheep and goats, 2037 BCE
Record of withdrawals from a sealed warehouse, 2053 BCE
Receipt of sheep and goats, 2046 BCE
Delivery of dead sheep, 2053 BCE
Letter from W. R. Pettes to A. B. Noyes, February 25, 1864
Letter from Thomas E. Martin to A. B. Noyes, December 4, 1862
Letter from J. N. Robinson to A. B. Noyes, March 7, 1864
Letter from Thomas Barnard to A. B. Noyes, December 1862
Letter from the Comptroller's Office to A. B. Noyes, October 17, 1862
Letter from Archibald Roane to A. B. Noyes, January 18, 1865
Letter from Archibald Roane to A. B. Noyes, August 9, 1864
Administrative note, 1790 BCE