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Cognitive frameworks and classroom practices: A case study of teacher learning and change
An evaluation of the impact of the Florida State University/University of West Florida cooperative doctoral program as perceived by graduates and their employers
Gagne's events of instruction in a cooperative learning environment: A case study
Students' perceptions and attitudes toward parent involvement in academic homework and its relationship to academic achievement
A comparison of learning probability by several formulas versus an approach relying upon an understanding of the fundamental concept of probability
Images of males and females in primary and middle school textbooks in Iraq: A content analysis study
A profile of students who repeatedly fail one or more CLAST communication subtests
A study of stages of concern of a new intervention (computer-assisted instruction) in an elementary school
The training effects of analogical reasoning as strategic knowledge on problem-solving
The effect of instructional material on teachers' attitudes toward adoption and instructional effectiveness
A comparative study of the readability and comprehensibility of a simplified and the original version of an American short story with students of English as a Foreign Language
Comparison of the effects of two schema activators in the acquisition of verbal information in students with different levels of prior knowledge
Curriculum materials centers in teacher training institutions: A comparative study to determine existing and desired conditions
Enhancing learner motivation in an instructor-facilitated learning context
Factors affecting decisions for converting small, private colleges from two-year to four-year institutions
Pronunciation difficulties as experienced by Kuwaiti students learning English as a Foreign Language
The effect of cooperative and individual task structure on concept learning, feedback preference, achievement, student interaction and attitude toward computer-based instruction
The use of the personal reflexive journal in the adult literacy tutorial: The case of Jane
Preservice teacher observations in unguided field experiences in physical education
The influence of textual display in printed instruction on attention and performance
Norton's Communicator Style theory: Testing its assumptions in the college classroom
The texts of teaching: A study of the conceptualization and practice of college composition instruction using a literary theory model of educational research
The effects of attitude modeling and skill modeling on learner instructional motivation
Reducing the failure rate on Florida's State Student Assessment Test, Part II: An evaluation of district compensatory education programs
English as a Second Language student preferences in regard to computerized language learning: A multiple case study
The effects of feedback timing and learner response confidence on delayed retention of verbal information
The effect on performance and learner-sequencing decisions of Instructional Curriculum Maps in a hypertext environment
Motivation and achievement of Greek students in English as a Foreign Language as seen from the perspective of gender and parental education
The effect of skill self-evaluation and feedback on task-specific self-efficacy, outcome expectancy, attitude, choice preference, and performance
The effects of cognitive load of learning and prior achievement in the hypertext environment
An investigation of van Hiele-like levels of learning in transformation geometry of secondary school students in Singapore
Effects of guided imagery on written occupational narratives
A comparison of disseminators: Providing sexual abuse prevention materials to children
A conceptual framework for teaching aesthetics to elementary students
Evaluation and validation of two instructional design techniques to improve coordinate concept learning
The effects of two curricular approaches on junior high students' attitudes towards Hispanics
The effect of instructions on aspects of conversations between native and nonnative speakers of English
The effects of student ability, locus-of-control and type of instructional control on motivation and performance
A comparison of the effects of aesthetically and non-aesthetically illustrated language materials on comprehension of young children
An evaluation of the effectiveness of two methods for providing computer-assisted repeated reading training to reading-disabled students
An analysis of attitudes, values, and literary quality of contemporary young adult romance series novels
The systematic application of principles of motivation to the design of printed instructional materials
The effects of think-ahead questions and prior knowledge on learning and retention
A comparison of two distinctive preparations for quantitative items in the Scholastic Aptitude Test
An investigation into the relationships between teachers' exposure, demographic characteristics, concerns, and receptivity to an educational innovation
The history of K-12 economic education in Florida, 1974-1994
Judging oral proficiency: Can the naive judge determine standardized test scores (Test of Spoken English) through an interview process
The effects of input device control and gender pairing on learner satisfaction and achievement with level III interactive video