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Perceived Influence of Accelerated Learning Program Enrollment on High School Students' Participation in Music
Music Therapy in the Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease in Children
Effects of Novel and Familiar Music Therapy Interventions on a Prekindergarten Class' Participation as Measured by Teacher Perception and Rating
Curriculum Analysis of Three Elementary Reading Curricula
Effects of a Music Curriculum on the Pre-Reading and Writing Skills of Three- to Five-Year-Olds in an Inclusive Day Care Setting
All I Need Is the Air I Breathe
Music Therapy with Immigrants from Spanish Speaking Countries
From Piano to Percussion
J. S. Bach's Passions in Nineteenth-Century America
Effects of Single-Session Music Therapy on Pain, Discomfort, and Anxety in In-Patient Hospice Patients
It's like I've Walked Right out of My Dreams
Music Therapy for Eating Disorders
Community in the Academy
Food for the Soul
Effects of Instrumentation and Lyrical Content on the Perceived Genre of Popular Music
Instrumental Minds
Investigation of the Music Literature Being Performed at Jazz Band Music Performance Assessments in Florida
Those Female Furies
Behind the Red Curtain
Jazz, Desire, Racial Difference, and Twentieth Century Gender Ideology in Arron Copland's Grohg
Soundscapes of Underprivileged Youth
Case of "Big M" Musicology at Florida State University
Listening to Bi-Musical Blackness
Music of Science
Modern Patriotism
First Year Florida Music Educator Experiences with District Sponsored Mentoring Programs
Musical Commemoration of the Chinese Sent-down Movement
Stressors among Performance Majors Regarding Their Upcoming Professional Careers
Axé, Tallahassee Capoeira!
Space to Be
Dungeons, Dragons, & Star Wars
First-Generation College Experience