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Electroacoustic Bassoon
Annotated Survey of the Indianist Movement Represented by Arthur Farwell and Charles Wakefield Cadman
Historical, Cultural, Educational, and Traditional Influences in Irish Choral Settings from 1922 to the Present
Developing Music Skills in Urban Secondary Public School Choirs
Introduction to Chung Gil Kim's Go Poong with Emphasis on Pedagogical Studies
Singing for Social Harmony
Wil Offermans
Sight-Singing Systems in Collegiate Choral Curricula
Use of One Week's Time Among Specific Groups of College Students
General music in th junior high school as projected by selected authors
Band Director Reflection on Change from Student Teaching Through the Initial Years of Teaching
Perceptions of Collegiate and Early-Career Piano Teachers Regarding Master's Piano Pedagogy Degree Program
Investigation of Learner-Centered Instruction and Teacher-Centered Instruction in a High School Wind Band Class
Principles for Creating Literature-Specific Instructional Materials for the Band Classroom
Specific Music Therapy Interventions, Non-Music Technology, and Collaborations When Working with Children with Autism Spectrum                 Disorders
Annotated Bibliography of Original Reed Quintet Repertoire
Life of Dr. Augustus J. Pearson Jr.
Influence of Genre and Musical Training on Continuous versus Summative Ratings of Listener Enjoyment and Response                 Times
Audio Technology for Music Educators
Multi-Movement Choral Works of Stephen Paulus
Music Therapy for Children with Cerebral Visual Impairment
Factors Affecting the Programming of Undergraduate Piano Recital Repertoire
Time Use and Instructional Focus in Beginning and Advanced Middle School Band Settings
Perceived Influence of Accelerated Learning Program Enrollment on High School Students' Participation in Music
Life and Music of Roland Marvin Carter
Curriculum Analysis of Three Elementary Reading Curricula
Effects of a Music Curriculum on the Pre-Reading and Writing Skills of Three- to Five-Year-Olds in an Inclusive Day Care Setting
Effects of Vibrato and Pitch-Varied Vocal Models on High School and Undergraduate Singers' Intonation, Intensity, and Use of Vibrato
Youth Educational Symphonies (Yes!)
String Teachers' Perceptions of Inclusion of Students with Autism in Classroom Settings
History of the Florida State University Choral Department 1947 2000
History of the Vocal Jazz Ensemble Singing Movement in the Public Schools of the Boise Valley from It's Inception through the Academic Year 1989-1990
History of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Choruses 1967-2017
Effects of Contingent Lullaby Music on Parent-Infant Interaction and Amount of Infant Crying in the First Six Weeks of Life
Investigation of Non-Traditional Secondary Music Courses in Select States
Using Jazz Pedagogy to Supplement the Undergraduate Classical Lesson Setting
Effect of Tactile Markers on Intonation and Posture of Beginning Violin and Viola Students
Effect of Varying Encoding Conditions on Jazz, Instrumental, and Choral Musicians' Memorization Accuracy
Emotion and Meaning in La Bohème
Birth, Growth, and Development of the Ithaca College Choral Program and Choir
Instrumental Minds
History of the Organizational Structure of Pesparani/Pesparawi
Blueprints for Outreach
Investigation of the Music Literature Being Performed at Jazz Band Music Performance Assessments in Florida
Cultivating a Living Education
World music curricula in Florida general music classrooms
Old Time Fiddling in Florida
Pedagogical Study of the Saxophone through the Lens of Acoustic Niche Hypothesis
Listening to Bi-Musical Blackness