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Virgina and Last Rose of Summer]
Virginian Marseillaise
Ruth Page and Jerome Moross's Frankie and Johnny
In the Footsteps of Clara Schumann
Jean Devémy and the Paris Conservatory Morceaux de Concours for Horn, 1938-1969
Schism and Sacred Harp
Music, Morality, and the Great War
Music in the Paintbox
To and Through the Doors of Ocha
Eclecticism and Ephemerality in Postwar Paris
Skryabin's Prefatory Action and Mysterium
J. S. Bach's Passions in Nineteenth-Century America
"Music's Most Powerful Ally"
Sergei Rudnev and a Discussion of Selected Works from the Russian Collection Volume III
Confederate Land, Patriotic Song
Those Female Furies
Star-Spangled Consciousness
God Save the Southern Land
Virginia and Last Rose of Summer]
Maryland, My Maryland
Maryland, My Maryland
My Maryland