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Gray Thomas Perry, piano performer and pedagogue
The life of Vincent Persichetti, with emphasis on his works for band
The effects of aural, visual, and motoric cues on accuracy and latency of tempo modulation discrimination among musicians and nonmusicians
The choral music of Judith Lang Zaimont
The use of a cappella singing in colleges and universities of the United States
Comparisons of attained ratings to instructional behaviors and techniques exhibited by band directors in sight-reading performance situations
An index of choral music performed during Southern Division Conventions of the American Choral Directors Association (1970-1990)
The effect of intensity and age on the perception of accent in isochronous sequences of a snare drum timbre
An analysis of time usage, rehearsal activity, and student off-task behavior during the initial minutes of high school choral rehearsals
An exploratory study of band musicians' eye contact and performance as influenced by loss of visual and/or aural stimuli
An empirical investigation of musicians' and nonmusicians' assessment of perceived rubato in musical performance
The choral accompanist: Perceptions of competencies and attributes
A study of students from competitive and noncompetitive Florida high school bands using an adaptation of the Academic Motivation Scale and the Sport Competition Anxiety Test
Current academic problems facing public high school bands in the United States: Survey, analysis, and comparisons
The current status and future implications of obtaining follow-up data from graduates of specialized schools of the arts in the United States
Performance ratings and analysis of teaching during choral rehearsals
Performance and literature of African American gospel music as observed in gospel choirs of universities and four-year colleges in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia
A diagnostic and analytical model of score preparation: A clinical approach to musical morphology
The relationship of fluency in fundamental skills of pitch notation and music theory achievement
Developing a string research agenda by identifying the components of a string education: A qualitative study of selected members of the Philadelphia Orchestra string section
Friends University's Singing Quakers: The development of a tradition
The effect of visual/aural conditions on the emotional response to music
A pedagogy for choral conducting based on score miniaturization
An annotated international bibliography of doctoral dissertations/treatises/essays/theses/documents pertaining to the clarinet
The wind band music of Hindemith, Krenek, Pepping, Toch and others from the 1926 Donaueschingen Music Festival: An analysis of historical and artisticsignificance (Germany, Paul Hindemith, Ernst Krenek, Ernst Pepping, Ernst Toch, Austria)
Vocal fatigue in choral singing: Causes and suggestions for prevention voiced by prominent choral directors
A profile of the athletic pep band
Adult community bands in the southeastern United States: An investigation of current activity and background profiles of the participants
The development, implementation, and evaluation of a sequentially organized instrumental method of sightreading
An empirical study concerning terminology relating to aesthetic response to music
Nikolaus Gengenbach's "Musica nova: Newe Singekunst": A translation, critical edition, and commentary
The formal training of the child voice: An analysis of antithetical viewpoints as expressed in selected American contributions to vocal pedagogy literature and related research
An annotated bibliography of trios for clarinet, one string instrument and piano composed between 1978 and 1990 by composers active in the United States
Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky: A comparative performance critique based on sound recordings from 1929-1993
The effect of group song writing versus group singing and discussion on the self-esteem of adolescent substance abusers
The effect of music on differences in body movement of college music majors, dance majors, and sexual abuse survivors
The effects of visual and auditory stimuli on the movement behavior of pre-school children
Recognition of intensity contrasts in the gestures of beginning conductors
Differentiated modes of choral performance evaluation using traditional procedures and a continuous response digital interface device
Marching band techniques courses: A survey of their usefulness to first and second year high school band directors
The effect of categorization on preference for popular music styles
Algorithms and criteria for a computer simulation of the evaluation of student sight singing ability by college music faculty
The effects of practice strategies, individual differences in cognitive styles, and sex upon technical accuracy and musicality of student instrumental performance