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Case study of the Aquatic Preserve Program: testing a methodology for public program evaluations of natural resource and environmental management agencies
southern cultivator, 1843-1861
A staff analysis of the Headquarters, 1st Aeromedical Transport Group, Light.
Broad line NMR study of molecular-weight fractions of bulk crystallized polyethylene
Catalog of a core of competencies for teachers of physical education based on a theoretical model of pupil outcomes
The Incidence of th Drop Outs at the Lakeland, Florida, High School, and Suggestions for Alleviation of the Problem.
An analysis of ninety rejected aid to dependent children applications in a Florida public assistance agency.
Collection and study of the traditional prose narrative in Grady County, Georgia
L'histoire du roi Laban et du roi Labiel son fils -- a critical edition and study
Century of theatre activity in the capital city of Florida: an historical study of theatrical entertainment in Tallahassee, Florida, from 1857 to 1957
Case study in middle school staff and curriculum development and its impact on student attitudes and achievement
Classroom model for diagnosing the problem-solving skills of elementary school students (LOGO)
Salem madness: a choreographic work
A case study of community organization services in Savannah-Chatham County, Georgia, 1950-1958.
An analysis of the recreation patterns of exceptional children in the Tallahassee area
An analysis of the stipulations and provisions of the current standard fire insurance policy in Florida.
Central prediction system for predicting the success of junior college transfers in Florida universities
Black institution pioneering adult education: Tuskegee Institute past and present (1881-1973)
cis-stilbene fluorescence and excited singlet state dynamics
Rain down fire: The lynching of Sam Hose
Clinical case study
Bi-racial comparative study of expressed role preferences and projected life plans of a select sample of girls in grades 9 and 12
Biostratigraphic study of the Lisbon formation of Alabama
Choral Journal: an annotated index to volumes 19-24 and a comparison of subject material published in volumes 1-18 and volumes 19-24
Empedocles on Etna
diene sector rule
Evaluation of the elementary school in the areas of health, citizenship, and the Library.
Production of a filmstrip and guide on the operation and maintenance of the viewlex projector model 22CL
A case study of personnel and fiscal practices of Leon County government.
125-Iodine: a probe in radiobiology
Centralized municipal purchasing.
A twenty year comparative study of the academic and professional qualifications of the county superintendents of Florida, 1937-1957.
Clarification of part of the discovery versus exposition discussion in mathematics
Politics for the People as rhetorical response by the Victorian Christian Socialists to the Chartist movement
Case study of program perceptions of administrators and developmental/remedial laboratory teachers in public two-year technical institutions in South Carolina
Comparative analysis of Othello and The Moor's Pavane: an Aristotelian approach to dances based on dramatic literature
Bibliographic citation analysis of selected higher education journal literature
Art therapy and the effects of a stress management program