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FSU Lives: Portal to the Past, Prologue to the Future


The Florida State University has a long and illustrious history dating back to the legislation creating it in 1851. Through its many names, Seminary West of Suwannee, Florida Female College, Florida State College for Women (FSCW) and The Florida State University (FSU), its students identified themselves with its history and made history, both individually and collectively as members of its classes.

On the occasion of their 50th reunion, the Class of 1955 gave a unique gift, joining the content of the university’s past with the possibilities in digital technology, creating FSU Lives: Portal to the Past, Prologue to the Future, a digital look of life at FSU during the 1950s. This collection pulls from various holdings in Special Collections and includes yearbooks, President's Reports, and select publications, photographs and documents created for and by FSU faculty, students and staff during the 1950s.