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Claude Pepper Papers


The Mildred and Claude Pepper Collection was donated by Congressman Claude Pepper to the Florida State University Libraries in 1979. Subsequent donations were made during the 1980s and additional materials were acquired following his death in 1989. The collection contains over two million pages including Pepper’s official correspondence, speeches, legislative, committee, and campaign files. In addition, there are files of his personal correspondence, speeches, photographs, recordings, and memorabilia.

Also included are the personal papers, photographs, recordings, and memorabilia of his wife, Mildred Irene Webster Pepper. Mrs. Pepper always took a deep interest in public affairs and in helping her husband in his political career. She vigorously supported medical research, urban beautification, conservation, and actively participated in charitable and humanitarian organizations. There are also personal papers of the Pepper/Webster family, largely consisting of correspondence from parents, brothers, sisters, and other family members.

The Pepper Collection not only documents the career of one of the most politically active individuals of this century, it reflects the changes that have taken place in every area of American life. It contains a wealth of material on a variety of topics. Research using the Pepper Collection has focused on topics as diverse as the World War II "Mother's Movement", American Indian land claims, national health care, Social Security, the Vietnamese conflict, and organized labor.