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Florida State University Yearbooks

The publication of yearbooks at Florida State University began in 1901 when West Florida Seminary published the Argo. Publication under that title continued through the transition to Florida State College with two more editions before it was halted when the school was renamed and repurposed as the Florida Female College in 1905. In 1909, the name of the school changed to Florida State College for Women and, one year later, the institution published its first yearbook entitled Flastacowo. After the 1915 edition, publication was suspended during World War I and resumed in 1921. In 1947, the school returned to coeducational as Florida State University and in 1948 it published its first yearbook, Tally Ho!. After the student-published 1971 edition, publication of the Tally Ho! was halted. Since then, the yearbook has been published under various titles including Tally Ho (1973), Artifacts (1980-1981, 1985-1986), and finally, Renegade (1988-1997, 2006-2008). Publication of the yearbooks ceased after the 2008 Renegade.