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General Jean-Jacques-Germain Pelet-Clozeau Papers


The General Jean-Jacques-Germain Pelet-Clozeau Papers contain material from the early years of the French Republic in 1793 to Second Empire under Napoleon III in 1858. The greatest area of concentration deals with France during the First Empire under Napoleon. One of the largest segments of this collection includes journals kept during the major campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars. Also included is correspondence from Napoleon to Marshals Berthier and Davout from 1805-1810. Much of the military campaign material is supplemented with hand-drawn sketches and maps along with situation reports of various units of the Grande Armée.

Among the collection's other sources are autobiographical material on Pelet's early years as a student and a young officer in the Topographical Section of the French army, and as an officer-engineer in Italy. Included within these notes are sketches and hand-drawn maps of the sieges of Verona and Gaeta in Italy. In addition, a history of Napoleon's early career based on documents and accounts during the years of the Revolution and the Directory are included along with notes on the siege of Toulon in 1793. Also contained within the Papers are letters and documents concerning the Army of the Rhine in 1800. Throughout the collection are numerous letters and official correspondence with various officials and generals of the Republic and Empire.

Only portions of this collection have been digitized and are shared here. For more information about the entirety of the collection, please see the collection's finding aid.