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Le Moniteur universel


Founded in Paris in 1789 by Charles-Joseph Panckoucke under the title Gazette Nationale, ou Le Moniteur Universel, this publication was the main French newspaper during the French Revolution and was the long time official journal for the French government.

In designing his newspaper, Panckoucke followed the format of English papers at the time and divided his paper into five main sections: The National Assembly, Domestic and Foreign Policy, Administration, Literature, Science and Arts, and General Announcements and Notes. The paper would become less political over time, publishing more articles on literature, science and art by 1811. It also dropped Gazette Nationale from its title in January of 1811 and became simply Le Moniteur Universel.

Our collection of Le Moniteur Universel starts with the 1789 issues and goes through the end of 1830. It includes the published indices from 1815-1829.